Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nate Berkus Knows Best

With all the Holiday hubbub (bub) I have failed to post the progress on my master bath.  Yes, yes, yes....extremely SLOW progress....but progress none the less.  Remember, we are a budget fearing family here, and I gots to do it at a certain pace!

SO here was our window before.  We've had a paper shade on it since we moved in, and after removing said shade we realized that we are basically flashing the world with a now naked window.  I took the initiative to frost that sucker and it worked out beyond swimmingly!! Of course in true Lani fashion I took no pics of the process. You know, it's really hard to get pics of you doing something when you are doing it on the fly, and all by your lonesome.  Lucky ladies out there that have husbands that enjoy DIY.....

Anyway, so window treatments were definitely in order.  I ordered this fabric which I thought would tie in all the colors I eventually want for this bathroom (I plan for the cabinets to go gray at some point...maybe new countertop too).  Unfortunately, I am REALLY not good at math and ordered too little, so the curtain came up short.  Oh, and BTW, all I did was cut to fit the window, and hem the 4 sides.  I could have no sewed hem taped them as I've done before with other curtains...but the sewing machine was out and I may as well and yada yada Lani likes to do things the hard way.

Because I wanted to use what I had already purchased, I (and Heather after many text pictures) decided that doing some sort of faux roman shade look would be best.  After debating how to go about this....we both thought that going the route of the all mighty design god, Nate Berkus, would be our best bet and add some grosgrain ribbon. 

Ok wait let's get serious here. Why did they cancel his show??  I mean, he seriously had the best set on TV, he totally recognized us everyday designers and the blogging community, and yeah he was kinda annoying and his smile is cheesy, and he says "I love that, don't you love that, I love that!" a whole lot....but he was GOOOOOD. I replace him with Steve Harvey? Really?  Even if I was a stay at home mom still....I don't think I would watch that show.  I'm just not interested in what Steve has to say.....I'm far more interested in grosgrain.

SO I DIGRESS...and in doing so I say that NB was spot on.  All I did was loop the ribbon up and around the curtain to create a faux swaggish look.  Yes I said swaggish.  It's a word.  Then I just tucked the knot on the other side of the fabric so it looks like its all cohesive.  No one will be the wiser!  Shhhhh....

Heather and I also decided that the 3 ribbon approach looked better than the 2.  As you can see....I really can't make solid decisions without a second opinion from my girl.  That's just the way the faux roman swags....

So there's my little quicky fixy for a cute shade for your bathroom!  It's so cute I cant stand it.  I get all verklempt.  Next up is a fun little storage idea for over the toilette (it sounds fancier like that....toilette) which I have all the supplies for, it's just a matter of DOING. 

Peace on earth and good will towards men,


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