Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Craft: NOEL

It all began with Pottery Barn. A couple years ago I came across this crazy awesome NOEL sign in their Christmas décor. I died. I died again when I saw the price… $149?! WAY out of my price range, especially for something I’m going to have up for a month. Ouch.

Of course it was time to make one of my own. In true DIY-ness, it’s a fraction of the cost.

I made a trip to Joann’s and picked up some “fancy” wood letters. With my coupons in hand, the letters were even cheaper than advertised.


I had the chalkboard paint from another project or two, so that was free. I love having some chalkboard paint in my DIY arsenal because then it becomes part of the array of possibilities when I feel like randomly painting something… Do I paint it white, red, green, gold, or chalkboard it? So many choices!


I’ve had this little can of paint for a while now, I’ve used it for a few projects now, and even having to put 2-3 coats of paint on each project, it’s still over half full. Yes… I’m a half-full kind of gal. Winking smile

After 2 coats, I was done with the paint part. I let them sit for a few hours to make sure the paint cured up and tried to keep a nosey 3.5 year old away from my project… Oh, did you notice my Flat Rate Mailing Boxes under there? They’ve been very handy as splatter boards for spraying and brush painting. Yay free stuff!

After the paint was dry, you have to “condition” the chalkboard paint by doing a quick rub all over and then wipe it off. It helps get rid of that crisp black look too.

I was debating on how to fasten the letters together and then hang it… so Hubby stepped in and came up with these little helpers:
Picture hangers! We had a bunch of them and they held the letters together while giving me an easy means for actually hanging it on the wall. Win-win!

Easy Peasy! This little sign was done and hung!
Then I decided to give it a little chalk shading and make it pop a little more against the wall:
DSC01308Ta Da!
DSC01304Ok. One more glamor shot. Smile

Even our Elf on the Shelf, Iron Man, found a home there this week:
Yes… our elf is named Iron Man. I tried for at least Tony Stark, but no dice. Will loves Iron Man. There’s no way around it…

I love it. It’s so cheery above my kitchen sink. I love that I can change it up and maybe do a little bit of candy cane stripes on there, or little stick figure people or who knows!

Have you made any fun new holiday decorations? Or did a cool knock off of something you love but is way over priced? Share! Share! We love to see those fun crafty DIY things!



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