Monday, November 5, 2012

Twist and Shout

Even though Halloween is moved to Monday here in New Jersey (by government mandate don't EVEN get me started on how crazy I think it is), the boys got to wear their costumes on Friday at school for their little Halloween parade.  OMG if it wasn't the most hilarious thing ever.  Basically all the parents line the walls of the entire school while the kids come around "Trick or Treating."  It's more of a "hold their treat bags out with terrified looks, while parents try and drop candy in them."  The best was one girl, instead of saying trick or treat, held her bag out and yelled "Please and Thank You!"  Awesome.
{Not positive why they put hunter's hood up...but I guess it made him look a bit more "costumey"}

This year's costumes were AMAZING for me, because the boys chose the easiest thing possible for me to make.  They wanted to be Twist and Shout from the Fresh Beat Band.  Here's a little look in case you are unfamiliar:

Hello!  Hoodies for all, with a little decal work?  Done.  Sold for the mom who can't even find time to wash her hair half the time.  I rushed to finish on Sunday night, fearing Hurricane Sandy would take my power away from me for a few days.  So even though we were very, very, VERY, fortunate to not have been affected as much as was planned for, it was a relief to have the boys' hoodies done early.

It was a fun little day, and thanks to Poppy for taking all the great pictures!  I can't wait until tonight to continue the Halloween celebration a little bit more!  HA!

PS: My heart goes out to all those affected by Sandy.  I know and visit many of the shore towns that are in dire need of help here on the Jersey Shore, and although I am a Cali girl at heart, I have grown to love this state.  Please do just a little to help out the victims here....a little bit will add up to a whole lot.  If you want to do something to show your support, you can go to a friend of mine's Etsy shop where she has designed a shirt to help the restore the shore.  All proceeds go to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Restore the Shore T-Shirt LIMITED EDITION

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