Monday, October 29, 2012


Tell me about it....stud...

Yup...I've got chills...they're multiplying   Because of this dang hurricane!!!  How unbelievable is it that 2 hurricanes make land fall in NJ 2 years in a row?  Last year I felt like I was ultra over prepared with my kit and everything...ready for anything..

This year this hurricane is supposed to basically take a direct left turn into New Jersey and hit us hard..and what am I doing to prep?  Laundry and baking muffins.  What...isn't that what you're supposed to do?  Just in case our power goes out I want to make sure everyone has clean underwear and fresh baked goods.  I'm happy with that...

{My owl-ys getting their bake on}

{pumpkin muffins}

So I'm home today with the boys as their school got closed, living the SAHM life again.  Some creativity may explode and Ish may get done because I basically have a whole extra day at home...but no promises will be made as I am horrible at keeping them.  Hope everyone affected is safe and happy and prepared...and if you're insane like I am...happy puddle jumping as well.

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