Friday, September 14, 2012

Medieval Times–East Coast

It’s like an old skool coastal rival….Knight style!  Whhhaat….
Like Heather told you all on Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the folks at Medieval Times to be their guests to experience a show “together.”  It’s really actually very awesome that our families were able to do this together and talk about the show and who’s knight won and all that while being so far away.  I’ve been to the show in California when I was a senior in high school, so it was fun going to a different castle and seeing it there.
The castle in NJ is about a 2 hour drive from out house, so we were a little worried with naps in the car some attitude when we got there….but the boys didn’t disappoint. They were ooo-ing and ahh-in at the castle from the outside, but right when you go in the first thing you do is take a picture with the king and Hunter wanted no part of it. He’s not the best picture taker ever, always looks down or away, but this picture he had his full back to the camera….WOULD NOT TURN. Fine, just take the pic. Those poor people tried to do everything possible to get him to turn around…but no dice. Stubborn like his momma.
And like Heather said before, the food is a part of the experience as much as the show. Being that my kids (Hunter again) is not the BEST eater ever…I was a bit nervous and ended up packing little snack boxes with cheese, crackers, grapes, and turkey pepperoni…just in case. Lo and behold…he didn’t disappoint again. I take that back…a little. The kids cups (which were shaped like knights helmets) were a big hit. My kids do like kitsch. He loved the focaccia bread, tried just a little of the soup, took one bit of chicken, but wouldn’t touch the rib. I don’t blame you really, Hunter, I’m not the biggest fan of “bone in” meats….but the food was gooooood. Jagger ate a little better, and fully dived right in with the non use of utensils. That child embraces mess.
Once the show started….the attitudes of the kids TOTALLY changed. Meaning…everyone was smiling and laughing and enthralled with the horses. Hunter finally put on his crown and really enjoyed chanting with everyone for the green knight. I even got a flower….apparently because I am a pretty fair maiden. Not sure if that’s pretty fair….or pretty and fair. Either way. Flower was thrown to me (in no way did I push a young girl out of the way and dive into the aisle to catch it ala wedding bouquet style.) Both boys enjoyed my little snack packs halfway through the show, so I was quite glad I planned ahead for that, which was fine by me because the show lets you take home your leftovers and I made a delectable chicken salad the next night from uneaten bone meat.
Jagger had a little trouble sitting still after our green knight died….booo….so I took him out to the lobby to run around. It was actually great because nobody was there and he could look at all the little tchotskys in the display case. Like the good sales people they are trained to be…one lady let him hold a light up magic wand….so you know I was “forced” to buy 2 because Jagger didn’t want to let it go and I couldn’t get him something and not Hunter. S’okay…I would have probably bought one anyway. Attention all retailers everywhere….I’m a sucker for souvenirs. Put something in my hand or my kids', and I’ll probably get it…just and FYI. And you know it’s a good time when the kiddies fall asleep in the car…still clutching their new toy.

It really was a fantastic time and Craig and I were already saying that we cant wait to go back in a few years!  This is something that will definitely be on our do again list!  Thank you for having us Medieval Times!

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