Monday, July 9, 2012

Layin’ it down!!

So the day has come…FINALLY!!  We get to redo our bathroom floor!  WOOOT!  Oh the joy and excitement!  Here is the before picture of our master bath.  It’s all builder grade, nothing exciting, basic, basic, basic.
Don’t mind my dad….he’s our saving grace.  He’s done a bunch of tile work himself, including his ENTIRE house, so he was here to show us how to do it and get it done!  So, the first thing we did was to take off the quarter round molding that was on our baseboards.  Our initial plan was to take off the whole baseboard, but after finding out that the builders ran the linoleum up to the baseboard instead of under it, we decided to just lay the tile right over the linoleum.  Also because prying off the baseboard caused this to happen.
Wah wah…more work oh well.
The first step in this project is to lay down some cement board to create a nice even, solid, surface.  Again, my dads done this quite a few times, and he really liked the cement board that we used.  Easy to cut, break, and lay.
I know it looks like I was just standing around while my dad did everything…but I really did do a lot.  Most of those screws I did…then I wanted to grab the camera and my dad jumped in.  So no…I did not hire a 65+ man to do all my work for me….just some.  For cheap.  Smile
It’s kind of sad that our floor is looking better already.  There is just something about builders grade stuff that makes me go blllaaahhh.  We managed to cover the entire floor the first night, with some help from Craig when he came home from work.  My dad wasn’t expecting to finish in one day, since we really had to do things during naps, which means starting at around 2.  However….my children were freakishly good nappers during the whole process and we got a solid 3-4 hours everyday.  Hooty hoo!  Stay tuned for more!


  1. Aren't your kids like always good nappers?

    1. (blush) yes...but not normally during the summer. And they were sharing a room since my dad was I wasn't expecting good naps. But 4 solid hours everyday? Awesome...


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