Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cutting off some Cut-offs

So Heather shared a little bit about her birthday thrifting adventure with you here…and I thought I’d show you what I ended up doing with the one purchase that I made below:
The flower pants, clearly.  The other pillow cases I SHOULD have gotten….but oh well.  So those pants….you may be thinking “what the ugly?”  But I saw some potential in the ways of cut off shorts!  First I laid these bad boys out of the floor
Hmmm…yup…still ugly.  Smile  So I folded them in half, pulling out the crotch.  That sounds nasty.  Clearly “50 Shades of Grey” is still in my head.  But you all know what I mean.  Then take a favorite pair of shorts that you enjoy the length of. Also fold in half and line up the crotches.  Now, my pants had a higher waist than my shorts, so I made sure to cut just a little bit lower that the length of the shorts so that I wasn’t going to have super duper shorty shorts.  Plus…I could always cut off a little more…but can’t add it back!
That’s basically it!  Throw them in the wash so they get a nice fray and you’re done! 
Oh clearly the pic above was before wash and fray.  And you know what’s the funniest part about this whole thing here?  When I went to Target the other day I saw a pair of shorts JUST LIKE THESE.  Yup….what’s old is new.  Make it your own.  Thinking I’m going to do another pair like this with an old pair of jeans!  It’s so easy…and practically free! 

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