Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And The Tile keeps going…

I apologize for the delay in the tile posts….but my family took a little siesta to go to the beach!  Our annual Ocean City, NJ adventure (you can see others here and here).

But now back to business.  We had laid the cement board, made some mud and slapped sown the whole tiles.  Time to do some tedious cutting and laying.  This actually happened on the Fourth of July, so I have to give Craig some serious props that on the day he had off from work, he chose to do a bunch of tiling.  You see lots of blogs on here where the husband is all about home improvements, but my husband only gets one day off a week, so I don’t really blame him when he doesn’t want to take his only day building/painting/sawing/fixing something.  So it’s a fun and rare treat when he dives right in.  And he’s really good at it too.  Let’s all pray he finds a 5 day a week job, people. 

My dad decided that the best course of action would be to put the tile saw in the shower so they didn’t have to run up and down the stairs for every cut they had to make.  As much as it was an ingenious idea (it really was….probably saved them 3-4 extra hours of work)…it left a nice mess for me to clean.  Not complaining…not complaining…..


It was a lot of backbreaking labor in a tiny room for two grown men.  I fel bad just standing there snapping pics…but somebody had to take care of the kids!  The guys did such a good job with cutting that this is literally all the waste we had..


Yup…60 square feet and we have one little bucket full of tile left over.  AWESOME.  I love a good puzzle!!

The next day it was really about repeating day 2 with mud and laying.  My dad tried to show me how to take the pieces off “in order” so you just put it back and don’t have to search for pieces….and he ended up getting tiles confused and I had to come to his rescue to put the puzzle back together.  I will never let him live it down.  But we were able to work in 2 different areas of the bathroom so this day went really fast!  The last tile was laid before the kids woke up from nap….which meant a glorious 3:00 beer!  Smile


Isn’t it fantastic??  I love!  All the tape is just so we know where not to step. oh and the picture above with me making the cheesy pose…this is actually a good tip.  See that 12x12 tile lying next to me?  We used that every time we laid a sheet to make sure that all the individual mosaics laid level.  It was quite handy, actually!

The only thing left to finish is grouting, sealing, replacing the threshold between the bed and bath, and getting a new vent cover.  We decided that this project doesn’t stop with the tile…so we and going full steam ahead with curtains, paint and everything else from soup to nuts!  I said it earlier that we hadn’t done a single thing with this room for 7 years….so it’s about time for her to get herself together!

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