Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Summer Buzz

I don’t know why, but Boys + Summer = Buzzed Head in my brain.
I've been itching to give Will a good old fashioned summer buzz cut because he has always had a LOT of hair.

First Birthday after his first haircut:
6 months later:
DSC07073              2011-03-16 18.13.56_Lake Forest_California_US
                                                                               2nd Birthday (above)

You get the picture. Hair. Lots of it. It grows fast. And it took me 2 years to find a good kid’s hair stylist that won’t give him a bowl cut. There was a period of this poor child’s life where he looked like Lloyd Christmas. Not cool.

After a long walk/bike ride to and from our favorite nearby park, we got home and Will was a sweaty mess.
DSC09344[He was working on a double thumb’s up, but here it just looks like blurry gang signs…]

In an effort to keep the kid cool and sun-shielded, we practiced our hat-wearing skillz. This kid is not much of a hat wearer. I’m trying to convert him. It’s slowly working…

So when we got home I decided it was time to bite the bullet. I gave him a popsicle, set him up in a chair in the kitchen for easy clean up, and busted out the equipment. About halfway through, we both had faces looking like this:
DSC09346That’s our work face. Popsicle eating is serious business, and so is hair cutting.

Thanks to the popsicle, he sat incredibly still for the entire process. He was very focused on not letting hair get on that icy treat. As soon as the hair buzzing was over, he willingly hopped in the shower for a quick hose-down since the little bits of hair were itchy. After a wardrobe change, we were done:
Hair Cut
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. There were a few stray hairs I saw as he wandered about the house, but nothing a quick snip with the scissors couldn’t fix. Hubby isn't totally on board the buzz-cut train, but Will loves it. He rubs his head and wanders over to a mirror to check it out often. My favorite part is the lack of bed-head since he won’t let me comb or even wet down his hair to fix the mop he was waking up with. Low maintenance is the essence of summer! If I was a boy, I would totally buzz my head.

Do you cut your kids’ hair? Do you have a summer hair do for yourself or your kiddos? Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks summer is deserving of a shorter low-maintenance do!


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  1. Wahoo!! Handsome boy! Great job Mommy!You did an awesome job.


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