Monday, June 11, 2012

List o’ Summer Fun


The Summer bucket list.  I saw these posted everywhere last year, but last year it didn’t really make a difference to us.  Neither of the boys were in school so “Summer Vacation” didn’t exist, a mom’s job is a full time job, and Sonny hadn’t acquired vacation days yet, so a summer bucket list was kind of like an everyday bucket list.  But THIS year, we actually have a summer vacation, and both the boys will be in school at least 2 days a week next year, so I found this list to be essential!
The best part was Hunter actually understood the concept and contributed a few of his own “to-do’s” to the list.  You can see 2 that I marked here:
Yup.  He wants colored balloons and to be quiet.  I highly endorse the latter.  I’m still not positive if he wants to play with colored balloons, or to color on balloons… was a long discussion and I thought that coloring balloons might be more fun.  I also added a few of my own wants…like going to sushi, switching out the couches, making bedroom curtains, and painting the family room.  What…? That’s my idea of a good time.
This little list is sitting right in our entry/dining room so whenever we want to do something or plan something we can easily find it.  I’m going to fit it a little better to this frame (and if my original plan panned out I would have done this on a spare canvas…but could not find said canvas), and I took the glass off so we can easily cross out what we have accomplished.  I was so excited to get started on our list…that we actually spontaneously accomplished one today!  After we went on a joyous walk around the hood….I thought…hey our grass is looking dry…why not have the boys run through the sprinklers?  check.
And I sort of wish “Flash the Neighbors” was put on the list…because that one would have been crossed off too.
One for me is learn to up my photography skills….like…getting the kids in focus.  HAHA!  Does anyone else have some fun things on their summer fun list they want to share?  A lot of mine can be crossed off in one fell swoop (have a campout, roast marshmallows, make s’mores, stargaze) so I’m sure that we will be looking for more ideas!

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  1. Love the idea of making a list and posting it up in the house. Definitely going to do that this summer! - Ashley


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