Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carpet Ride

WEEEEE how much do I love Target?!?!  THIS MUCH!!!!!!!!!  I love when I’m just walking to get goldfish and am passing the clearance end caps and something catches my eye.  In this case…This fantastic patterned rug.  WEEEE!!!


Isn’t it fun and pretty??  It’s about 3x5 and I had no idea where I was going to place it but I loved it…and it was $7.  SEVEN!  Plus an extra 5% off thanks to me new Target red card.  Really…I shop there for everything…don’t know why I didn’t get one earlier.  Any hoo…. after many pix messages to Heather placing the rug all of my house (think where’s Waldo)…I decided on the powder room.


I’ll be completely honest with you…I’m not 100% sold.  I do LOVE it in here…but maybe it’s the size? Or the placement?  Heather said it’s “disjointed” in here…and I tend to agree…but I’m seeing if it will work right now.  Craig really likes it.  He said it gives it that little black that we need (when did he get design fancy?).  So far it’s been in the middle of the room (shown here), centered in front of the sink (below), and centered in front of the toilet.  Right now I’m digging the center.  I think Craig is on the right track saying that we need some black touches…so I’m going to pick up some art for the wall, and rearrange the shelf in the bathroom.  I’m also thinking of getting some baskets…..or just one…for the floor between the sink and the toilet.  Perhaps these little changes will help it feel more…jointed?  But for now…The little people that live in my house love it…and really like alone time with it.


Good bye mom….I’d like to play cars on this rug….ALONE.

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