Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Girl

Fair warning…I’m gonna get all sappy on you guys.  Super sap sappy.  It’s just an aftershock of my California trip.
You all may or may not know this…but mine and Heather’s anniversary was this past Sunday.  Yup…Super bowl.  I know not many friends have it recorded exactly when they realized they were best friends, when nothing could tear them apart…but Heather and I can.  Our love for tight pants and bean dip runs deep.  Ok just kidding.  But that’s the day that we re-connected after a 5 month long “fight” (more just like an extreme misunderstanding) and we realized that both of us were just made for each other.  Platonically of course.
10. Mystery ball
I believe that there are very few people in this world that you can REALLY call your friends.  The ones that will be there for you no matter what.  The ones that will listen to your stupid rants, acknowledge your faults and accept them without question, and ones that can fully tell it to your face when you are being silly/stupid/dumb/and idiot…for your own good of course.  Not counting my Husband…I have 3 people like that.  I actually think that’s a lot.  I am very lucky in that sense. These people I call my best friends and I truly could not survive in this world without them.  Heather, of course, is one.
41. the amazing spoon trick
She is flat out honest and won’t lie to you just to make you feel better.  That is, of course, unless you ask her too.  Which I have done before.  She keeps me in check when it comes to…well…everything.  I tend to have an obsessive problem where if I have something on my mind I can’t stop talking or thinking about it…and she flat out says “move on.”  That goes for design too.  Being that I call her for her opinion on every little thing…if I can’t make a decision because I obsess that I’ll be making the wrong one…she says “For goodness sake woman…they are both great colors/styles/looks so just pick something and move on already!”
She’s incredibly encouraging and is such a cheerleader for her friends.  You want to start a business?  “YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!!” she’d yell at you, and then spit out ideas for your business, help you come up with names, and email you logos and whatever else you need and things that you didn’t even think of.  You want to do the impossible…like say…run a marathon?  “GOOD FOR YOU!” she’d yell and then tell you that you need better shoes, and don’t forget to cut your toenails cuz I’ve heard they can fall off, and take care of your back make sure you stretch.  She’s just that kind of girl that looks out for you.
shortcake and hatter
She is a wonderful person to vent to as she genuinely LISTENS.  I think that’s hard for a lot of people…to just shut up and listen.  Admittedly it is for me.  She sees joy in such little things.  She has a way of making you look at the world a little brighter.  She is incredibly dedicated to any project she does, and incredibly passionate about those projects. She is funny, kind, patient (Sonny likes to say she’s got a Quaalude type personality), silly, dorky, serious, a good mom, a good wife, a great friend, and I miss her terribly.
I guess the point of this was to express my incredible gratitude to somebody in my life (and to post some odd pictures of the both of us…many before kids…obv).  In many ways, this blog isn’t just a design/DIY/family blog….it’s a way to feel close to somebody that is so far away.  I guess after seeing her and my other besties in California this week…it just made me aware of how THANKFUL I am for these people that make me an all around better person.  I love my Heather… and I wish for you all to have a “Heather” in your life.  If you guys have a friend like this in your life…I hope you call them today to say thank you.

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