Monday, February 6, 2012

California here we come…

…right back where I started from!  Oh how exciting and wonderful to spend a full week in my home state!  Yup…that’s right…I took the eldest of the littles and headed home for a bit of rest, relaxation, and a bit of warmth in our cold NJ lives.  Hunter was SUCH a good little traveler, I was actually really surprised.  For a guy who loves his nap and didn’t take one on the days we flew…he was so happy and so spunky and such a good listener.  He absolutely loved the airplanes, and was always so excited to take off… (don’t mind the poor quality of the pics…cell phone, you know) 


Ugh….just look at that face!!!  This has to be one of my favorite pictures of him because you can see the genuine excitement on his face.  Too bad its crappy quality. REGARDLESS!!! Back to the boy…he listened, he learned to buckle his seat belt, he enjoyed getting “nice and cozy” in the seat, and he wanted to talk to the stewards every time they came by.  He enjoyed when the plane went “super fast!” and when the plane landed and would dip he said it tickled his tummy.  We even had a little turbulence and he just said “mom…the plane so bumpy.”  I had to just shake my head at how calm he was.

The first flight he was the only kid on the plane and when we got off somebody commented that they didn’t even know there was a baby on board!  Well…that’s cuz he’s not a baby…he’s a little stud.  And we flew a connecting flight…which was a bit scary for me because we’ve always only flown direct.  But that Hunter…he enjoyed it, and part of the fun for him was wheeling his bag through the airport.


He was going super fast to see his Pa Pa (my dad) in the airport. What a great kid.  Seriously….I try not to brag about the boys to other people because they do have their not so great moments, but that day…that day this kid brought tears to my eyes.  He just made everything so easy.  Even when I bumped my knee against a seat trying to get off the plane he turned around and said “you ok, mama?”  Yes dear….you make everything ok.  And even when he was DEAD tired (remember, no nap)…he managed to wake up out of the car and enjoy in some In n’ Out:


I wish you all could see his eyes in this picture.  He is practically falling asleep.  This was 7:00 west coast time, so it was 10 back home.  And considering he naps AND goes to bed at 7:30..yeah..he was pooped.  But he didn’t cry ONCE.  Man he was good!  I have lots more on fun Cali times to come this week…but I just wanted to give a shout out to my little man who was such a trooper!!  Great job little Hunter!  You are my hero!

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