Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Project Palooza, 2011

I simply CANNOT believe that 2011 is over already.  This year went by so quick.  As I was perusing all our posts here on Diapers and Divas…I also couldn’t help noticing ALL the things that Heather and I got accomplished this year!  We really busted our buns to make our lives and our homes a more perfect place to live.  And we are still far from perfection….but that’s what 2012 is for, right?  I can’t wait!!  Here’s a little month by month recap of our top projects from this past year!


The transformation of Bach…my little Chee-Guar (that’s a cross between a cheetah and a jaguar).  Holy crap I can’t believe that was a year ago!! See him here.



Actually nothing…February was a short month…but in the month of March Heather did this!

You have to check out the before and after here.  She totally revamped her hall closet!  It’s amazing!!



I also finished my powder room in March….it was a busy month for us!



April we featured our kiddos birthday parties: Will’s Toy Story hoe-down (above), and Jaggers Woodland One-derland (below).  So much work…but so much fun!



The start of my “random acts of painting”….my laundry room.  I just saw the empty wall, the leftover cans of paint in the basement…and got my mix on!  It’s still not finished, but that’s part of 2012!  Can’t do everything all at once now, or else what would I have to blog about and what would my husband complain about?



Heather continued her ultimate organizing with redoing Will’s SUPER bedroom!  What a fun room for this little guy! 

I just can’t leave this one out either.  Heather repainted an old hutch that she inherited from her MIL and performed some magic on it!  June was a busy month for Heather!



By far my greatest accomplishment of the year…completing this table and these chairs!  It was a lot of work, but we love the end result and it still makes me smile every morning!



Heather and I participated in the 1st Pinterest challenge put on by Young House Love and Bower Power.  We each made versions of a pillow inspired by One Kings Lane.  And we realized that we hate sewing burlap…but will continue to do it because we enjoy torture.



Alright…you talk about big projects and being proud.  This project was the first big one that Sonny and I did to the house and we are so thrilled with the way it turned out.  It’s AMAZING!!!!



The Birdsell family came to visit us in New Jersey for Halloween Time…and it was a blast!  We actually don’t have pic of the finished products…but Heather and I were up late every night with coffees and irons and the sewing machine, continuing the tradition of making our Halloween costumes!



{Felt tree ornaments}


{Drink Station at Lani’s}

And so started the holiday madness this month…and it didn’t stop until this week!!!  These are just a few of the things that Heather and I made, crafted, decorated, created, baked, and lost lots and lots of sleep over…



{Table setting @ Lani’s}

xmas 2011 collage

{Heather’s wall re-do}

And the madness continued in December!!!  We went ALL out this year!!

So that’s our little year of projects in review! Phew!!  What a great year!  I think we are both sad that the holidays are over, but we are both looking forward to what’s to come in the next!  Should be exciting!!

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  1. Such great projects and transformations at both your beautiful homes!


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