Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growing Up

Big changes are happening on the West Coast Diapers & Divas Headquarters. We finally did it… [deep breath…] Will is sitting at the dinner table.

No. More. High. Chair.


Lani was making fun of me (Don’t even say you weren’t… you were. Smile with tongue out) because Will was still sitting in his high chair. He’ll be 3 in March, so maybe I stretched the life of the high chair a little bit. Admittedly, it became more of a containment unit than an eating receptacle… The kid is high maintenance. He is go Go GO all the time, & sometimes, it was nice to plop him in the chair to have a snack while he watched TV (I know…bad mom…), take a breath, and check my email in peace. Well, of course, the eating situation turned into a not-so-good one with Will in his high chair, us eating at the coffee table, all watching TV. Great family time…

Of course, my crazy child figured out a way to climb out of his high chair, because that’s just what he does. We bought a play pen octagon gate thing when he started to walk…he climbed out of that at around 11 months old. Climbed out of his crib around this time last year (you can witness it here. The screaming stops at around 1:25.), which prompted potty training to come to a screeching halt so that we could get used to a big boy bed. One thing at a time, folks. The kid keeps me on my toes…

So I ripped it off like a band-aid. I was taking my empty holiday bins back to my parents’ garage & figured I’d take the high chair with me. The babysitter is gone, but my kitchen is back!

A quick before-ish lookDSC01297I know…sorry Hubby for the weird face pic, but you get the gist of how cramped & cluttered it was. Chairs, table, corner cabinet of love, & high chair of death.

Look at all of that freed up space!
Are you enjoying my hanging snowflake chandelier? Best new way to use old decorations! A little 3M Command hooks, some fishing line, & you’re good to go!DSC02264

A bird’s eye view so you can appreciate all of this precious floor real estate! Glorious! I can do a triple axel in this kitchen now!

I am sad that this will no longer happen… It was a nice added bonus to having him sit in the high chair because he moves so much that he won’t fall asleep when he’s tired. If he’s strapped down, ta-da! Sleep!

The transition has been super easy for all of us, really. The hardest part is my part…keeping the table clean! It was a landing spot & dumping ground for mail, coupons, magazines, batteries, light bulbs, etc. But it’s the only place we eat now, so it has to stay cleared off. I must say, I’m doing an ok job at it, especially considering that it’s Christmastime, which means presents to wrap & extra mail & lots of receipts! Will is doing a great job eating at the table. He usually eats at the table at restaurants & other peoples’ homes. It was just his own lazy house that was holding out…

Here’s to a new chapter of growing up.
Next up, pooping in the toilet!

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  1. I am with you on the growing up thing. We just took the infant insert out of the car seat and I got really upset....


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