Friday, December 2, 2011

Candy Colored Christmas

Things are really coming together around my house!  I feel like I’m really going all out this year…which is great because it’s the first Christmas where little ones are actually remembering the previous year, the first time they are actually really excited about Santa Claus, and the fact that we are going to California for Christmas next year so it’s going to automatically be subdued.  As I said before, I knew I wanted to use bright colors and lots of them…and it’s turning out sooo SWEET!  Sweet like candy, hence the post title.  Here’s how my dining room table came together:
AHHHHHH I LOVE IT!!  I really do!  This took a little “hmmmm”-ing and picture texting to Heather to get it right…but it’s perfect and so festive.  And I only bought a few things to get it together…most was leftover from other projects and/or stuff from years past.  The felt runners are leftover fabric from my advent calendar (see that here), and the green swirl “runner” is actually laser cut scrapbook paper I picked up at Joann’s! I was originally going to use them as place mats, but we are not hosting any kind of sit down dinner party for the Christmas season, so I really wanted this table to be more of a decorative thing than a functional “plates for non-existent people” thing.
I also used that paper to just wrap around a candleholder that I already had, and I used that as a vase.  I wrapped some twine around the bottom too for shnazz and to hold some of that paper in place.  I also used that vase in my Thanksgiving table setting (and you can see THAT…here!).  The poinsettias and sprays usually go on my tree…but obviously not this year!  The ornaments are all from years past..really just thrown haphazardly around the table.  Pretty much where they are is where they fell.  And of course, my new little burlap trees.  I have been wanting to make this since I saw it (somewhere in a magazine) and they turned out SO CUTE.  I just love the juxtaposition of all the color and then this rustic burlap add just the right neutral balance along with great texture.  And then of course…a little snowflake for sparkle!
Little sparkly birdie from Michaels' clearance came out to play!  I love picking things up on clearance the year before and then bringing them out. It’s like you’re getting presents right off the bat!  Hello!  How do you think I got all the kids toys?  January is like MY Black Friday…I can’t wait to go shopping.
And this is my favorite detail…and came about just because I couldn’t figure out what to do with a pipe cleaner.  Let’s just hold this thing back for a second…oh wait…oh that looks cute…looks like a candy wrapper!  DONE!
I am REALLY enjoying decorating for Christmas this year.  Something about the colors and re-using my normal decorations in new ways is totally getting me jazzed! And the table is the first thing I see coming down the stairs in the morning (besides the tree) and it just makes my heart skip a little beat from excitement.  And of course…being that my table is right next to my “Drink and be Merry” station…just makes me want to celebrate more!  Cheers, y’all!!!


  1. Very cute! So bright and fun! Here from The Lettered Cottage

  2. I'm loving all the colors! I'm not a very traditional girl, especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas, so this is right up my alley!


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