Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Curtain Call, part deux



Last week was so fun, wasn’t it?  Don’t you just get so giddy about the holidays?  I certainly do!  My parents came to visit from California for Thanksgiving and it was so great to see them.  It was also great to get a couple extra helping hands with the boys!  Yay for that!  And it has kind of become a grand tradition of them showing up and me putting them to work around the house! The first time they cam to visit, they cleaned our carpets.  Then another time they helped hang shelves and put together freestanding shelves for our basement.  And this time it was unclogging our sinks, blowing our our dryer vent, and best of all…hanging my curtains I sewed!!

The last time you guys saw these they were just 6 lonely yards laying on my floor:


But after measuring and sewing and hemming and even creating little cuffs on the bottom they became curtain panels!  However, I digress…let me re-cap.  I told you here how I was eyeing this Amy Butler fabric and found it for a good deal from a dealer on Etsy. Then I went on a search for the best deal on rods and clips.  Although I lurve the detail of grommet top panels, I thought that since this is the first time my little ones are ever seeing curtains, I should go with the clips in case little hands decided they need to hang.  After Halloween, Joann’s happened to have a sale where all their window hardware was 40% off, AND the were running a coupon for an additional 10% off your whole purchase!  Woooot.  I got the rod and the clips all for under $20.  You really can’t beat that!

Here’s what my window looked like before:


So with my dad’s help my panels were hung! I actually have a picture of my daddy hanging the curtain rod and my mommy so elegantly watching…but they were on my dad’s camera.  And I forgot to download them to my computer.  Boo.  But I digress again. 


These are the first window coverings I’ve EVER had.  Isn’t that crazy?  I had a friend I worked with in my last job at the kitchen design firm who always said “a room doesn’t feel complete without drapes.”  I no know what she’s talking about!  When we did our board and batten treatment on the other side of the room (read about that here) it looked so clean and fresh, but the drapes just FINISH the whole room.  Even without anything on the wall over the buffet…it just feels more cozy and more lived in.  To quote the Great Nate (Berkus), “lived in and collected over time.”

I just adore them, and they have inspired me to get to painting my little dresser…possibly a lime green to accent the green in the curtains.  That’s a possibly. Who knows.  But I love them, and so far my kids don’t care at all about them so I don’t think I have to worry about them pulling things down….yet. And big props to the big man for helping me out around the house.  I couldn’t have done it without you, Daddy!  Love ya!

And side note/question:  Do you call them curtains or drapes?  Is there a technical difference?  Burning questions people…let’s have some answers!

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  1. I always go with curtains but my mom says drapes. Might just be generational...


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