Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch at Irvine Park Railroad

Of course we go to a pumpkin patch every year. Irvine Park Railroad in Orange, CA is a great park on it’s own. I’ve heard about it’s great pumpkin patch & Christmastime festivities are pretty spectacular, but it’s always one of those “Yeah, Yeah… We’ll get there. It’s a pumpkin patch. How great can it really be?”

Pretty freakin’ great!

We hit it up on a Sunday morning after a hearty breakfast. Pretty much the only way to fly. Will polished off 2.5 pancakes, all of his eggs, and at least 2 pieces of bacon. I guess he was hungry!DSC01087That boy is on a mission from God. Winking smile

We checked out the ponies.

Will lead us successfully through the Hay Maze.

Irvine Ranch Pumpkin Patch 10-9-11We took pictures with all of the wood stand ups. Definitely a must!
Irvine Ranch Pumpkin Patch 10-9-12
Will took the fastest hop in one of the mini bounce houses, ever. He waited so patiently for his turn, went in, walked to the back and came out. “Done!”. Uh… ok?  Will & Daddy checked out the spooky mine that had a giant skull inside that freaked Will out. We rode the awesome train around the park. Will rode a hay-horse like a champ. A pink one, no less. And we walked through the haunted house!

Irvine Ranch Pumpkin Patch 10-9-13
We hopped on the hay ride around the park. It was itchy, but fun!
And then Will rode Aspen, the pony. I think I was way more excited about it than he was, but he did great and told Aspen she did a good job. Yeehaw!

And we picked out our pumpkin! That’s not even everything we did! There was so much to do, and so much space to run around in. We went to lunch afterwards was were drunk off of all the fun we just had. I think we might go again before Halloween, it was THAT fun! So if you haven’t gone. GO! Plan it and go! My little tip is that if you go on the weekend, get there when it opens because it was crazy busy when we left at lunchtime. 

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