Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dig, Drop, DONE!

This is kind of an anticlimactic post because I won’t even know if anything worked until about 6 months from now!   First of all….I’m am a horrible gardener.  I don’t have a black thumb, but I definitely don’t have a green thumb.  It’s probably close to like a mossy, muddy, brownish close to baby poop green.  I mean…check out this years endeavors.  First we have my sad, patchy grass

I would just like to say that we de-fungused, thatched, and re-seeded…and things are starting to turn around for our sad little lawn.  So that is all good news!  But then we have my mum…which was on the complete opposite end of the grass…this thing took steroids and just didn’t quit!
That there be one gigantic bush!!  And yes, apparently I be talkin’ like a pirate.  You can tell which show the kids are watching by how I’m talking…so right now it’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Argh.  Oh!  But you can kind of see in this pic how our lawn has turned around a bit! Huzzah!
Anyway, so being the not-so-good-but-trying-to-get-better gardener that I am, I decided that I really wanted to try and plant some bulbs this year.  Hopefully to come up in the spring!  I recently bought this book (for 8 cents mind you) on Amazon (check the link…used ones are only 23 cents!)
It is seriously the best resource for a beginner gardener that I have ever come across.  I appreciate all the tips and tricks I find online…but being as green (ha-ha) as I am to gardening, I feel like I always have additional questions, like WHEN do you plant a climbing hydrangea? What is the best time to re-seed your lawn for maximum results and how do you exactly do it?  If I plant X-Y-Z plant…when does it bloom?  These are just some questions I have when researching different plants that I might like to have that I can never seem to find on the internet.  So this book separates everything into categories (annuals, perennials, lawns, ground cover, bulbs, etc.) and additionally separates those categories into a month by month how to!  It’s amazing!  AND…it’s specifically written for NEW JERSEY….so every plant in there is one that will thrive in this specific region's climate.  Pretty much no guesswork on what zone and where and all the things that get my head spinning.
Ok…so after all that…back to the original subject of this post.  My book informed me that October was a great time to plant bulbs, and since this past weekend we had 80 degree temps, I forced Sonny to do some gardening with me!  I forgot to take a pic of the packages, but we got assorted color crocuses and pink chinodaxa.  They look something like this

Pretty right?  I have to say I highly enjoyed planting bulbs because it was as easy as digging a ditch, plopping them in, and covering them back up!  Well…I should say HOPEFULLY it was that easy!  We’ll see in the spring!!
Good of Sonny to say “Hey, let me take pictures of you for your blog!”  Such a supportive hubs!  And apparently much better than I because he actually remembers that I need to take pictures of things! Soak in all this awesomeness. 
So as of right now…I’ve done my spring planting.  You’ll get an update in about 6 months!  I know you all will mark your calendars!

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