Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sheer Cover.....Sheer Magic!

I have a sickness for things in small packages.  Like anything in mini size just tickles my fancy to no end.  And I love free things.  And I'm a makeup junkie. So it's no surprise that I practically fainted with excitement when the good people at Guthy Renker sent me a little sample kit of Sheer Cover to try.  You know Sheer's a mineral makeup that claims to cover all.  And let me tell you...holy crap it's true. warn you that the following pictures are not pretty.  In no way should you blame me for burning your retinas because I have warned you in advance.  I decided to try out my little sample kit on the busiest of busy morning...Hunter's first day of school.  Because I'm crazy like that.  So here is my fresh out of bed picture (it's taken in the living room while the kids were eating breakfast.  That's how we roll in this house.  That and I couldn't pull myself out of bed early enough to get it done in the bathroom)

Yup...that's all me baby.  Sonny's a lucky man I tell ya.  The kit included a primer, a small cover up tester, and a set of 2 colors to blend to your skin tone. I applied the primer first...and it's basically a clear coat (if we can please refer to my usual makeup routine as spackling some drywall).  So then I used the little pot of cover up to do my usual under eye circle.  See how yellow I am under there?  My mom has the same thing.  It must be the Chinese side of me I guess...

This is NO photo touch up here, people.  This is just poor white balancing and a magic pot of cover up.  This is actually what I looked like after I put it on and stepped back...

Where the hell did the yella go??  I look FAAAAAABULOUS!!!  Not really. then i continued onto the last step and blended the 2 colors they sent me (buff and tan...really light...good for a whitey like me) and brushed them on just like you would a loose powder or bronzer....all over in a sweeping motion.  I also pretended like I was on a movie set and tossed my hair back and forth a little for dramatic effect.   All I got was this look from my audience

I believe his exact words were "Momma....stop it."  Harumph.  Well...I never....
So here I am after the powder magic..
I mean amazeballs, right??  All my little skin weird coloring goes away and all my freckles are hidden.  It makes you nice and un-shiny and really goes on light and airy.  The best part?  Under 5 minutes to do!  It's the perfect thing for me to get out of the house on time!  My last step?  I tossed on a bit of the hair up in a pony...and I was out the door!  I think I have a new makeup love!
**All thoughts in this post are 100% my own.  I was not asked or paid to say anything positive, just given a little sample to try, and in fact was not even asked to write a review.  I just wanted to share a product that I found fantastic!**

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