Thursday, September 22, 2011


I made a quick run to Home Goods, while Will was napping, Hubby was hanging out at home, and I was supposed to be running to the grocery store for wine, a RedBox movie, something sweet, and eggs. What? Home Goods is in the same shopping center, I had 20 minutes to myself, and when I drove by and peeked in the window, they had all kinds of Halloween and fall decor that was calling my name. I'm pretty sure I heard "Heaaaaaaaaaaather... Heaaaaaaaather... look at all these wreaths and ampersands for under $15!". Pretty sure.

So I cruised through the fall stuff and picked up this beauty:

 Doesn't that just SCREAM fall?! Love it. I didn't get it though... I might have to go back and see if it's still there. So cute!

 Statue animals. Love. I really don't own many, but that elephant would be super cute with my wood elephant collection... and that owl would be so cute perched on my office shelf. Sadly, I refrained from grabbing either.
 OH! White things! All kinds of funky vases and things. I didn't get any of these either as I have a plethora of vases. I need to branch out in my accessorizing and get something other than vases, although that bulbous one in the middle on the 2nd shelf is rather intriguing.
 I told you! Ampersands! Would tie in nicely with my burlap pillow and I've been wanting some cute bookends. These were a little too steep for me at $13 each. Ouch.
 This sign is super cute and would be easy to DIY. Just sayin'. Don't be surprised when you see me post a little DIY project that looks very similar. Although, I'd use a different font because I'm a font snob and that one just isn't doing it for me.

 You've seen all those DIY rugs where people are painting the plain ol' Ikea rugs with chevron or quatrefoil... Um. $14.99 for this one. So cute! I picked this one up for my friend because it's adorable and a steal!
 I almost nabbed this one for myself to go in the kitchen, but, again, I refrained. (Hubby: You should be SO proud of all the things I loved and didn't even put in my basket to pretend like I was going to get, only to get to the register and say "Nope. Not getting this, this, or any of these...". I'm growin' up!) I might still DIY a rug, but some random acts of painting are looming in my house, so we'll see how that goes 1st before I get a rug. They also had it in a rusty orange. I know... I die.

You're probably asking yourself "What the heck did you get?!" because I know how riveting it is to see pics from someone else's shopping trips... no? Ok. Well, I did walk out with a few steals like...

 The lovely pillow on the left for $12! It was so lonely in the clearance section without a tag. When I got to the register the awesome cashier went and got the cheapest pillow she could find with a tag to use it for the price. HOLLA! It inspired me to do a little fall pillow change up:

It definitely adds that pop of brightness when my pillows were going a little too dark. I love it.
 Here's another angle. Just because.

 Because apparently I'm a scrapbook paper hoarder, I picked up this awesome pack for $5 in the clearance section! I've seen this pack a billion times and haven't even touched it because it was some crazy price... $5? I suppose I can sacrifice a salted caramel mocha once this week for a giant stack of paper!
And finally, fall/Halloween cookie cutters! The only cookie cutter in my repertoire is a pumpkin. How sad! So when I saw this 18 pack for $6, I couldn't pass it up. Check out the list of awesome shapes it comes with: Ghost, Web, Apple, Monster, Moon, Cauldron, Spider, Coffin, Cat, Witch, Tombstone, Broom, Oak Leaf, Haunted House, Pumpkin, Bat, Candy Corn, Maple Leaf. Phew! They will be great for making cookies and cutting up some playdoh!

Not bad, right? I was pretty proud of myself. Nothing too crazy and I'll get lots of use out of all of it. What's your favorite budget purchase? You know we love a good bargain!


  1. Way to go! You scored on the loot that's for sure! Now I'm gonna have to hit up HG =)

  2. owls......OOOWWWWLLLLLLSSSSSS.....i have to go get that one!!! I also saw cute owl bookends I may have to snag at TJ Maxx....for the bookshelf I don't have.....


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