Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness!!

Did you guys know Missoni came to Target?  How could you not?  The ads have been everywhere and Heather and I have both been drooling over previews for weeks.  Not only are there clothes...but bedding, bath, pillows, throws, plates, cups, accessories, luggage...etc, etc, etc. So of 10:30 am East Coast time....I was not surprised to get a text from Heather saying that she is lining up outside Target to check out the launch.  I was just about to leave for a run (my wonderful MIL was over to spend time with the kids) I did a quick one and then jumped in the car..still check it out.

First of all...I got there LATE. I did not realize how big of a deal this was going to be.  I should have since I was all going crazy over all the previews and ads...but just didn't think!  I went first to the clothes rack (after a stop at Starbucks of course) and all that was left were bits and pieces, mainly in Large and XL.  I can proudly fit into a Medium again so I was not to happy with it..but after talking to a fellow shopper (who told me that this was the 3rd Target that she'd visited that morning) I decided to grab what I could and try them on.  They were all OK...but I really wanted to take them all home and see what I have that I could work with.  I'm usually shudder at buying full price retail, but I just had a feeling that this was a now or never kind of thing.  Especially since Heather informed me that hours after the launch people were selling things on EBay for 2-3x the price!  Sorry...that's just ridiculous!

So with a cart full of clothes I head to the back to check out the home goods.  As I'm walking back...there is a man walking to the front with not 2....not 3....but FOUR carts CHOCK FULL of Missoni goods.  Pillows, throws, purses, scarves, luggage.  I actually got highly irritated with this because I knew that nothing was to be found back there.  And I was right.  I figured he is one of the characters that is selling things on EBay...but really...let other people enjoy the wares instead of you trying to get rich quick off of re-selling things for a mark up.  Come on. I came home with WAY to many items...more than half of which are going back because they just don't work in my wardrobe.  I did get my MIL these freaking ADORABLE shoes...which I actually wanted...but she deserved.  And they're a size 5 1/2...which you just don't find anywhere. 

I did choose three pieces that I adore, along with a pair of tights and some outstanding bobbie pins for my hair.

 I have a way of determining the value of my clothes that works well for me.  I first like to make sure that whatever item I purchase can work with 3 things I already own.  And the more ways I can wear it...the better.  Then after that....I determine how often I can wear it.  For each time I think the piece will be worn...I divide that into the price I paid for it and that's how much it actually costs to me.  So, for instance...I got the zig zag, black and white sweater tank dress and came up with about 5 ways of wearing it with things I already own in my closet.

So I figure I will AT LEAST wear this dress 5 times this season. At $54.99...and wearing it 5 times...this dress actually cost me $10.99. Make sense? I would rather pay more for an item that I will get a lot of use out of because I see it as being cheaper overall. That may seem backwards to people..but it makes sense to me. Anyway...I'm so excited about the rest of the things I got as well.

Blue knit skirt:

And the black and white shirt...which can pretty much be styled anyway you want.  I'm experimenting putting it over some dresses in my closet as well...but haven't grabbed the right one yet

The shirt totally flatters and can be worn with anything....and having that zig zag just takes it up a notch from a regular striped shirt.  And the skirt is just adorable.  I love the pop of color...and my fave outfit I came up with was just with a black sweatshirt.  I can totally see these pieces getting me through most of the fall and winter...and will be lasting me perhaps through next year too!  All the pieces are made REALLY well too!  The skirt is such a nice weighted knit, and the dress is actually lined!  You just don't find that that often at Target.  Even though I spent a little more than I should for our ultra tight budget...I just love everything and see myself creating so many fun outfits with these pieces.  My closet feels rejuvenated!  I love me some Missoni!

PS: I refuse to apologize for the poor quality cell phone pics.  When you cannot take your haul over to your best friends are forced to have a virtual fashion show!!

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  1. Ahh! I love that blue knit skirt! I was so happy when I saw this at Target :)


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