Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on Irene...

Hey all, Lani here.  I just wanted to write a quick post that the family and I are OK.  We got hit pretty hard...with nearly a foot of rain after all was said and done...but we took the right steps and were prepared for anything....we hoped!  I didn't sleep a wink at all on Saturday night when Irene was whipping all around us.  It sounded like thunder beating up against our windows.  But thankfully we didn't flood or lose power that night....which is surprising because we ususally lose power if somebody trips outiside.

The boys slept in their own beds, which although on an exterior wall, they are at the front of the house with no trees to topple and the winds were blowing into the back of the house (our room).  We also chose to sleep in our room because, well, that's where we felt the safest.  A couple of our friends in the neighborhood hunkered down in their basement...but to be honest...I would not have been able to relax at all if we slept down there.  Not that I slept that much anyway.

There really are no pictures to take, as our neighborhood came away pretty much unscathed.  We lost power for about 3 hours on Sunday afternoon, but it was right around dinner so we just packed the kids in the car and treated ourselves to a hurricane dinner out!  Wooot!  And frozen yogurt of course.  So all in all, we are safe, we survived, and we can totally wait another 100 years for another prob.  Take your time Mother Nature...

I give my love and thoughts to all who were affected and my hopes for a quick recovery and rebuild.

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