Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weight Watching

I don't know why I torture myself...but I do it often.  I go through old pre-baby torturous skinny that show me the time I had to dedicate to working out before I went and had 2 kids.  And it's a reminder to me of how much time I DON'T take for myself now and how I've kind of let myself go.  Now granted...I'm not severely overweight...but I'd like to lose 20 lbs and those old pictures are just a reminder of that.  See?  Torture right?

Well I've made a promise to myself to start exercising regularly instead of just on a whim, and to eat better.  Part of that eating better is definitely growing in my back yard....check it out.

Look at my ripe juicy cherry tomatoes!!!  I'm so excited!  After the trip to the farmer's market and then me being able to grow these little beauties totally makes me motivated to eat well and get fit.  Seriously!  Why waste my homegrown veggies on eating Doritos right after? (Because they're delicious...that's why)  Stop it evil craving dare you intrude.

I got so excited about these little guys that I couldn't help but pick one and eat it right then and there

MMMMM.....It was super sweet.  And my little helper in the background is diligently still watering the blueberry bush and the tomatoes.  He was all excited too.  He even tried one.  Still didn't like it....but at least he tried it!  There's a whole crop of them that are all at the same growing I think in a few weeks I'm going to get to make a delicious little caprese salad! 

So this kicks off my healthy eating to get back in shape...we'll see what gets me motivated to exercise!!  Haha!

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