Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Straw-Beer-y Lemonade

That's right folks...you heard me.  Strawberries and beer.  Sounds gross?  You would be WRONG!!!  I'm an avid Pinterest fan and one of my favorite things is to pin fantastically cool cocktails that I want to whip up at any moment.  I saw this thing for beer cocktails and thought "I totally have to do this for father's day!!"  So Saturday night I whipped up a little cocktail in honor of Sonny's 2 favorite foods!  He loves anything Strawberry and likes a cold beer! 

Anyway...the cocktail was amazing and totally chick friendly.  By this I mean you could easily serve this in a champagne glass on a girls night and feel chic and fabulous!  And you'd be using all the leftover beer (if you have any) from the boys night!  Double fabulous!  So enjoy my new cocktail concoction!!


Combine equal parts light beer and lemon lime soda.  Slice a few fresh strawberries and plop them in!  Stir a bit and enjoy!!  It's just that easy!!

1 comment:

  1. ◘ I think I've just found my new fave Summer drink. Just needs a drop of chocolate and we're there!


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