Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Phase One Complete!

OMG....I can't believe how much ROOM is in my garage!!  As I mentioned in my "Summer To Do" list, My number one priority was to get all the crap out of my garage.  Sunday was just that day!!  Sonny and I originally planned to do a last chance garage sale where nothing was over $5...but honestly...we were so beat and tired and sick of having this chaos in our garage..

...that we just wanted it OUT.  I mean...we made close to $800 our first go-round (not shabby in the least), so we decided that we'd do our good and donate all our things to the local Goodwill.  So we decided to rent a U-haul to do it in one fell swoop.  Before we could even start, though, what comes around the corner buuuut....ice cream man ice cream man!!!!  So fun.  Jagger was napping (boo!) but Hunter was ready and willing to partake in his first visit to the ice cream truck!!  So fun!  And I was glad to see that there were still some $1 options on the menu!!

After we all had our fill of ice pops and cones...time to get to loading.  Hunter actually did help a little.  It was nice to be teaching him all about how to donate to people less fortunate.  He was playing with all his toys that were in boxes to go, and I told him that we were going to share them with other boys and girls who have no toys to play with.  I told him it would make them feel really good that Hunter wanted to share his things with them.  He seemed to be okay with that!  I may make it a yearly tradition to have him choose toys to share with those less fortunate.

So after 2 loads to the Goodwill and lots of new life lessons...our garage looked like this

GLORIOUS!!!  We can actually walk to our trash can!  We can actually see the floor!  Although a few sweatshirts and a dress made it back into the house....I successfully let go of any emotional attachment to my things and not only does the gargage look good....but I FEEL so GOOD!!  So cleansed.  I can't wait to get all those tables out, finish my kitchen table (you can see it on the left) and get some organizational tools in there like a locking cabinet to put paints and tools that I don't want the boys getting at, some hooks to be able to hang the strollers when not in use, and some shelves for my stockpile of canned goods and other such things.  I have some other ideas on putting shelving in and then doing something to convert my garage into a painting studio for my projects and furniture redos and stuff....but we'll take one step at a time!  For now I'm just thrilled that I can get to my trash can to throw a bag from the diaper genie away!!!

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