Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Welcoming Entryway

Well....almost.  Clean and tidy for sure!  So I shared here about our Ikea trip to solve some of our organization problems.  I have been wanting and dying for a console there, but our main problem in the entryway was shoes.  Shoes everywhere.  Seriously.  So I finally decided that in order to get our house clean and organized....I should not be fighting the problems but working with them.  We'd still have shoe clutter there if I got a fancy table, so I decided to get the Hemnes shoe cabinet instead.  I'm so glad I went with this because I really love it!  Here's a look at the before (and I did clean up all the you can't see my awful clutter.  Well....most of it anyway!!)

Yeah....super duper boring.  Just picture about 3-4 pairs of shoes for each family member of a family of 4.  REEEEE-diculous I tell you.  This is on a good day.  Oh and when we DID want to stash our shoes somewhere...they usually ended up in this closet.

Oh there's the shoes.  Arent' they just so lovely?  HA! here's the after when my super cute and sweet Hemnes cabinet went up

OH I LOVE IT!!  It really is the perfect size for the space, and I plan on putting a little stool or small chair on the right side so I can plop the kiddos down while I put their shoes on.  And our shoes tuck right into those lovely little cabinets.  Now granted, this space still looks ultra boring. Can you believe we've lived here for SIX years????  Sonny said I am finally making this house come alive.  Thank you, compliment ever.  Anyway, I have plans for a little mirror or something sweet above, possibly with a DIY art something, maybe a little bud vase of flowers on that little ledge....or a nice cute bowl to catch change in.  The top is within Hunter's nothing terribly breakable is going on there.  I'm just so excited to finally get to where I want to be with our house....slowly but surely, one dollar at a time!

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