Friday, June 17, 2011


Dollar Bins! Dollar Bins! Dollar Bins!

That's right, folks! I'm harping on that old find. There's always something in there that is great for now and/or later. I always peruse them at whatever store we happen to be in, whether it's Target or Joann's or Michael's or the 99 cent store. I like to grab stickers, and especially the foamy ones. They're perfect for little fingers that are just learning how to peel & stick. Any freebie stickers we get in the mail or wherever, I plop in a Ziploc baggy with the $1 bin finds.

His new favorite thing is "Momma, Cah-ler? CAH-ler?". Sure Will! Let's Color! I've got 1/2 a big box of crayons in that little galvanized bucket for him to have at it. Stickers get strewn about, and he happily hands me the paper backing trash as he sticks his new treasure on his paper. I found colored pieces of paper that are leftovers from my little projects. There's a rainbow of colored paper and random old dot-matrix printer paper that are in with the stickers. I ask "What color paper do you want?" and it's either "Hulk (green), Iron Man (Red), blue (blue is blue in Will-speak)".

My cool new orange tray acts as a nice corral for the stickers, crayons and papers, as well as my paint swatches and to-do lists while the table gets over run by stickers and crayons.
The best part is that he can now sit for a solid 20-ish minutes, sometimes more with a few quick breaks, while he colors and stickers to his heart's desire! This is a great activity for him to be involved in while I make dinner. I can keep my eye on him, and he's occupied. It's win-win all around!

He made Nana a lovely picture that is happily displayed on her fridge, and he made Jagger a birthday card full of froggy love. I will be saving lots of money on greeting cards!

Sorry about the blurry picture...he's a wiggle worm. It's great fun for both of us, and he gets a kick out of handing a someone one of his beautiful creations. That's the best part! Hours of enjoyment & quiet time for pennies!


  1. How fun and creative. I've done that with my son who's three. I like your idea of finding cheap stickers and saving them. Stickers are so much less messy in a small space (with carpet) than playdough or paint.

  2. As much as I love painting, I kind of dread the day we do that in our house... I have a feeling that will be an outdoor or garage (when we finally move into a house that has one) activity. I love stickers for their easy clean up, most definitely. As much as I try to keep a "CRAYONS STAY IN THE KITCHEN ON THE TABLE" rule, there have been a few rogue crayons that escape to the living room. So far, they've only been marked on our toy bins... so far...



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