Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Chair Day

As you know from this post here....I've been looking and looking for the PERFECT fabric to recover my "new" kitchen chairs.  I've been scouring things online...but when I got my 50% off coupon PLUS an additional 10% off entire purchase coupon from Joann's....I headed there last night to check out that selection!  Here's what I brought home...

Now I usually have an extremely difficult time making up my mind, so I decided to bring home samples so Sonny could join in this process.  Here's the infuriating things about Sonny.  He doesn't think.  He doesn't contemplate.  He looks at all my fabrics and just says "that one."  How annoying is that??  I hum and hah and "well what about this" and "what about that" and "well then what runners/curtains/pillows/whatever could I do then?"  You know what Sonny says? 

"You're asking me about the that's what I picked.  You can decide the curtain/pillows/whatever when you start doing those."

How dare he be reasonable.  I mean.  Really.  And you know what's even worse?  The one he picked was the one I was drawn to first...but got those little "what ifs" in my head and picked a ton more.  Ugh.  So as much as I still took pics like this

And this....

so that Sonny could see the fabrics from all angles....we both decided that the blue geometric was where we wanted to go.  Hooray!!!  I decided to use an outdoor fabric material, being that I have little grubby hands that will be all over this like cheese on I figured the outdoor canvas material will be more easily wipeable.  Plus its water resistant for all those spills that are bound to happen!  We also chose the geometric over the florals because the shape of the chairs themselves are fairly old fashioned...we didn't want them to look old again after we dressed them up.  But how annoying...again...that Sonny does this all in his head in a mere milli-second and it has taken me 2 weeks?  (sigh)  My flaws are his strengths I guess....which is ultimately why this crazy house works...

Just imagine this little baby with a glossy white makeover and this pop bang boom blue on the seat!  I think it's going to look fantastic, and the geometric is a nice complement to the caned back, and a cool contrast to the curves up top.  Me likey.

So as soon as my coupons kick in tomorrow I am heading out to get the foam and fabric!  I'm also returning some stuff from Hunter's birthday that I didn't end up the fabric might be free!  Wa and Hoo!  In the meantime...these babies are getting sanded down (today!) and sprayed up (sometime!!!).

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