Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Craigslist friends...

It's funny.....I think that getting older, combined with being a mother, with just a sprinkling of all-my-friends-are-in-Cali-so-who-the-heck-do-I-talk-to has made me this ultra friendly outgoing person.  So much so...that I LOVE Craiglist for the people I meet.  I feel like that weird crazy person that just comes up to you and starts talking your ear off (HI IT'S ME IT'S PAT!!!!  Sorry...that was just a little joke for Heather there....)

Anyway, since I've been doing this whole Craigslist buying and selling...I've met some really interesting, and mostly, ultra friendly people.  The first person I didn't actually meet, Sonny did, but I did all the emailing conversation.  I was buying the buffet that I repainted here, and learned all kinds of history on her, and we had a wonderfully cool conversation about this had been part of her first set of furniture when her and her husband got married.  Sweet!

Then I met this awesomely sweet girl who was pregnant and was selling a cute little dresser (that I shall actually be using in our dining room.  This was her furniture when she was a child, and now that she's having a boy she doesn't really know what to do with it.  She thought it looked more for a girl, so she was getting rid of it.  We have even had talks of playdates when her baby gets a little older.  Cah-razy!  Go friends!!

Then just yesterday, I sold my friends PS2 console and games for them on Craigslist and met the funniest guy!!  We had email conversations about where to meet and he asked for my number so that he didn't have to hold up a sign.  I gave him my cell, but joked that I still wanted a sign.  Well when I showed up to our meeting spot outside Target....I saw a dude wearing this...

I laughed so hard I almost peed.  You can barely see it, but he even attached a wire so it could hang around his neck.  And you gotta love the little extra love he took in making the O's look like eyes.  Classic funny stuff.  Of course, with all the effort he put into making the sign, I asked if I could have it!

And finally, my new friend, I actually met at our garage sale.  Her and her husband came to look at the baby boys clothes, but they didn't know what they were having yet.  So she called me yesterday and said that they found out what they were having....A BOY!!!!  She wanted to come back and look at more of the clothes.  We had a cute little text message conversation and she said it's funny that a complete stranger knew the sex of the baby before their family did (they were having a reveal party that night).  I felt honored...but knew it was because I am awesome.  She's coming over tomorrow and we are going to have a little clothes pow wow and I'm going to give her a killer deal because I like her.

So now I have another love of Craigslist besides scoring great deals on furniture and accessories....I also have found a way to have great and fun conversations with interesting people.  I love finding out about the things that I'm buying, and I do enjoy when people share their lives, interests, and sense of humor when they are buying from me!  Good times!

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