Monday, May 16, 2011

Garage Sale!

Despite leaving for a family vacay to Vegas/Cali in T-minus 5 days (WOOOT!) I decided that the weekend before would be the perfect time to host a garage sale.  And not only did I do all the work for clearing out my house....but because I thought it would bring more people in I told 3 other families to contribute their stuff.  Most of it was still mine....but I just like to bring more work on myself...because I apparently find self torture fun.  Oh and just to add more madness to the madness....Sonny's 20 year high school reunion was the night before and we didn't get back until 2 am....and we were not the soberist of sobers...

There's my happy husband and 7:00 am on his only day off, with a the rain..and with no chair.  Fabu!  The forecast called for rain all day but I was determined to have this sale not matter what.  I had put WAY too much time and effort into everything to not have it, and our house was a junk pile, and we needed to make money for our vacation.  Ha! Hey...needed at least a $20 to play some roulette with....

Anyway, we stole  borrowed our neighbors beach tent to be able to use some of our driveway for the bigger things...but I spent almost all of Friday and Saturday fully clearing out our garage, running around getting tables and creatively displaying stuff out of the rain.  Here's a closer shot of the inside

It looked like a discount super store in there.  And despite all that barely rained.  There was some GOOD STUFF in there, I tell ya!!  But alas...we were there from 7am-12pm and our garage pretty much still looks like this.  I can't believe it.  We had a playstation2, a karaoke machine, an espresso machine and so many kids toys.  I couldn't believe that not ONE kids toy went.  And we were willing to make deals, slash prices, almost give stuff away.  I just couldn't believe that things didn't move quicker.  A Lenox vase!!  Only $10!!!  I mean....WHAT??  (sigh)  I think alot of it was we didn't have a steady stream of traffic.  We had 2 people until about 9 when it seemed like a flood of people came, then it was on and off until noon.  We advertised pretty well....but I think the prediction of downpours kept people away.

So anyway...I am listing alot of the bigger things on Craigslist this morning (and already getting a couple takers!).  Sheesh, garage sales now are even getting digital.  But we didn't do all that bad.  For the day we made well over $200....which ain't too shabby considering it looked like we didn't sell anything!  And overall, from the week before when I pre-sold some stuff on Craigslist (our kitchen table, the pack n' play, etc)...we've made a little over $700!  I'd say that's not a bad takeaway!

But because Sonny agrees that we still have way to many good things for sale, we are having ONE more (which will be easier because everything is already set up) and we are listing it as a "Last Chance Sale" because we feel that the people that came are yard sale junkies and would come we will slash some prices and move the items.  They are just too good.

Oh and Heather, if you're wondering....that IS the orange bridesmaid's dress I wore at your wedding on the rack!  Ahhh.....memories.....


  1. I haven't had a yard sale in years.....and now I know why :). Great profit though and I hope you are able to move more stuff out at the next one.

    :) Michelle

  2. Wow! You've got so much creativity and I'm admiring them all. Can you please share your creative posts at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)


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