Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toy Story Ho Down

While Lani is buried the rest of this week in Jagger's 1st Birthday Party prep, I figured I'd show you how Will's 2nd Birthday Party came together. I showed you some pieces, now here's the whole shebang!
First, the invites:
I had to add the gingham envelope liner at the last minute. Makes me want to go Yee-Haw!
I picked up the cloud stamp a while back knowing I'd probably use it on his invites. And of course I embossed it because I'm thoroughly obsessed with embossing. Love the texture!
I created a streaky effect on the stamp by wiping the ink pad onto the stamp instead of dabbing it. This made the whole look feel more rustic. It just fit. I was super excited with the way the wording came out. Gotta love the plethora of western/rope/rustic fonts out there!

Then Hubby and I cooked up some crazy decor ideas:

A rope birthday banner
You can check out a how-to over here.

And some plywood character cut-outs of our favorite Toy Story characters:
Woody is my favorite.
Hubby had the idea to add the nail & rope detail to the edges. So cool!
The whole gang!
You can check out the how-to over here.

I got a little creative with the food too.

And oodles of cupcakes! Maple Bacon (recipe to come!), Lemon Toasted Coconut, Chocolate, & Strawberry. I didn't get a pic after I frosted them... that's what happens when you're trying to pull everything together the day before.

A kid's party isn't complete with oodles of bubbles, and some cute goody bags filled with more bubbles, green army men. Toy Story stickers, sheriff badges, and Toy Story fruit snacks.

We had a little Mr. Potato Head play station.

And I got a big roll of butcher paper and buckets of crayons for one table. It was fun for kids & adults to draw pictures and leave birthday messages for my little Will.
I think I'm going to cut the butcher paper into 12"x12" squares to use as background paper for a scrapbook of his party. Thanks to my girl, Lani, for that idea! This was so much fun. It might become a birthday party tradition!

Iced Tea and Lemonade seemed like an obvious choice for a HoDown party. I am super excited about these glass dispensers I picked up from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I'm excited to have these in my repertoire of party supplies now. They'll come in handy for summer get togethers, maybe spooky signature cocktail for a Halloween party I have lingering in the back of my mind... the possibilities are endless! We also had a giant cooler (we call it the coffin cooler...) full of sodas & water, and a smaller cooler/tub with kid waters & juice boxes.

I found these super cute foam cowboy hats at Joann's and grabbed a handful (because that's all they had left!).

The birthday boy. "Howdy ladies!"

Nothing makes a kid (or me) happier than a fun cowboy hat and bubbles!

Look at those baby blues! : :Swoon: :

I have no shame. I had to get in on the hat action, too!

The location helped bring the whole party together. Pioneer Park in Tustin, CA was the perfect spot! The picnic area is a covered and mostly enclosed log cabin. The jungle gyms are western themed, complete with covered wagon jungle gyms!
Will insisted on eating his lunch in one of the wagons. Whatever, kiddo. It's your party, you can eat where you want to!

Even though it rained that morning while Hubby & I were setting up, it turned out to be a great day! Any excuse to have good food, great friends & family, and the great outdoors rolled into one day, count us in!

Happy Birthday, Will!

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