Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Bonanza!!!

It seems as though there are a flurry of birthdays going on around us at D&D lately!  First was Will's fabu 2nd birthday (see some details here and here), my "30th" birthday (my present here), Jagger's birthday party in a few weeks that I made invites for, and now my nieces birthday that I was asked to make invites for!  Hooray for birthdays and being asked to craft! 

Now Heather is totally our resident paper girl (you can see some of her outstanding work here), but I was so honored, and nervous, when asked by my sister in-law to make her daughters 4th birthday party invites!  Hoo and Ray!  Mia is having her party at a place called Enchanted Dreams here in South Jersey.  It's this adorable place that hosts little tea parties for girls and, as a sweet surprise, s Disney princess comes to join the party!  Mia's already told me that she' been there to celebrate her friends birthdays with Rapunzel and Snow White, and she decided that she would love to have Ariel come to her party.  So of course I had to include a little mermaid on her invites.

I used the "Once Upon a Princess" cartridge, and a multitude of Bazzill card stock to make the invitations.  I should have written the colors down so I could give you a formula, but a lot of things went awry and I had to scramble to meet the deadline.  It seems a lot of things always go awry with me.....and that is why I do not have my own invitation business like Heather.  First the cutter was tearing up the detail on one part of the invites.  Any suggestions on that from anyone?  So I had to cut that part off.  When initially the invites were supposed to open like a card...I had to do a front and back part like I did with Jagger's invites.  So then I had to figure out what I was going to put on the front of the card.  I had to change this design a few times, and ended up not having enough of the right colors, and it's been SO COLD and stormy here that I hadn't been able to go out to Joann's to get the supplies I needed.  After naps on Saturday the sun finally peeked out and I rushed the kids out with me to get what I needed.  Not so "pro"...huh?

Sorry for the over exposure in the above pic.  Still trying to figure out the cam...and it's hard to fix over exposure!  Anyway, I think that they turned out really cute and Mia loves them.  I got a "thank you SO MUCH Aunt Nana!!!  They are BEAUTIFUL"  That is all the compliments I need!  Your welcome my little princess!

Oh....funny side note.  She calls me Nana (pronounced Nah-Nah) because she couldn't say Lani when she was just a wee baby).  So when I saw her on my birthday she says:

"Hey Nana...I heard your song on the radio!"
"What song is that, Mia?"
"The Rihanna song! Oh Nana...what's my name....Oh Nana.....what's my name..."  

I was cracking up.  And she sang it in perfect pitch!  That's my girl.....

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