Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

Heather asked me this weekend if I was ever going to reveal the finished powder room project.  Ummmm....yes!  With all the job hunting and first birthdays and vacation plannings....I completely forgot that I never showed you the finished project!  Here's where I left off...

And this is where I am now!! I spray painted this totally fabu mirror I found at HomeGoods a nice glossy white.  For $29.99...you really can't beat it.  There was also a huge towel bar behind the door that I removed and replaced with this sweet little towel ring.  Really....no one was taking showers in the powder room....no need for a towel bar.

Then I spray painted an existing black ladder shelf Antique White by Rustoleum.  Kinda love it!  And I love that I re-purposed something that was just collecting dust into something cute and functional and unexpected for the bathroom!  It fits perfectly in this space, and I think it makes the powder room feel a bit more substantial.   

Now I readily admit that I am horrible with accessorizing....so I usually turn to Heather.  You may remember her sketch she shared with you of her advice for what to do with my shelf. 

Based on that...this is what it looks like right now.  It's in 2 shots as I have to sit on the toilet to get the pics.  Don't worry....pants on.  This is the top half of the shelf.  I got the bottles from HomeGoods, again, and these were really the starting point of what I thought would be beautiful for an accent color.  I thought I wanted blues and greens (hence the bathroom towel on the ring) but I just fell in love with these antique looking bottles.  All of a sudden I was going a little more Parisian and girly than coastal and breezy.  I also made the "A" out of those cardboard letter's you can get at the craft store and I just covered it with a pretty fabric.  It's really cute.  That shelf with the tissues is kinda bare...but I feel like this shelf will be constantly changing with the seasons/holidays/my mood.

And here's the bottom half.  The apothecary jars will eventually be filled with useful for-the-bath things such as cotton balls and q-tips....in case anyone needs one.  The basket on the same shelf holds extra towels.  Below that shelf are magazines, books for the kids when they sit on the potty, and other such reading on the pot materials.  I like my guests to be entertained while doing their business!  There's also a cute little box I found at Michael's that Hunter uses as a drum....but I think it will probably house band-aids and emergency stuff for boo-boos.  The bottom basket actually was a gift basket we got when we got engaged filled with wine and such.  I just love how solid it is with those wooden handles.  That now houses TP, wipes, and tissues.  Functional and lovely!

Oh...and although we didn't run electricity, I found this adorable capiz chandy at World Market and cleverly hung it from the ceiling.  I used a screw hook and shower curtain rings.  It was a weird setup....but it worked!  Although it doesn't light up...it's a great little piece.  I think in the future I will get Sonny to run electricity and hook it to the switch, but for now...it's a cute accent.  And if I ever want to go beachy keen in there...this will fit in ever so loverly.

There's only 3 things now that I want to do in here.  Add a couple framed prints to the wall, get a rug of some sort, and change out this awful builder grade faucet.  I definitely want something curvy and antique looking, in a brushed nickel finish, to complete the look.

So that's my mini makeover reveal!  I think it's pretty special!  I'm in the process of working on a few other things (I've been going a little Craigslist crazy), but the weather keeps changing on me so it's hard to get to painting and things!  Darn March.  I seriously can't wait for warmer weather so I can get to all the projects I have in my head!  If you don't hear from me...it's very possible that Sonny has locked me in the closet so he can get some rest....


  1. Great job! Love the stripes and beach accents. I'm thinking about doing stripes downstairs but I'm too scared to tell my husband for fear of DIY overload!


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