Monday, February 21, 2011

Antique Sunday

Yesterday....was....awesome.  Well, many of you may not find it awesome, but I do whenever I get something new and I loooooove it! First of all...I was feeling a smidgey better.  But mainly, our Sunday was awesome because I got to spend practically a whole day with just Sonny.  The kiddies were having a sleepover at the G-rents, so Sonny and I got to sleep in, and he let me do my new favorite thing...thrifty thrifting!  Wahoo!

We started the day off at the Berlin Flea Market.  This...was a total miss.  It was a tad too cold and a tad too windy so there were not a lot of vendors.  Thinking the day was a bust we went into downtown Haddonfield.  This is the cutest little town, very Victorian styled, but very hip and trendy and good for the young mom set.  On a nice day, you always see the mom brigade of strollers going up and down the streets of Haddonfield.  But Sonny and I just wanted to get a coffee and walk a little.  As we were driving there I was saying that it's really odd that Haddonfield's main street looks like it came out of the 1800's yet there aren't many antique shops.  Ummmm apparently I never looked hard enough (or at all) because we ended up parking right in front of the BEST antique shop.  I didn't even get the name of it because I just saw a settee in the window and dove in the store.  Literally head first.

Best. Store. Ever. There was SO MUCH to look at, that I just knew I was going to walk away with something.  I wish I thought to take pics, but I was just so excited by everything that I wasn't thinking.  After an hour in that store and not even getting to look at everything, Sonny and I both agreed on something.  I've been wanting to start a little collection of milk glass, or Fire King housewares.  But this adorable pair of Jadeite deco style shakers caught our eye...and since we both enjoyed them so...we got them!

Are they not adorable?  I love them.  They have a space on my highest shelf in the kitchen and greeted me with a "Hello there, lovely lady" this morning.  Oh little shakers!  You are the new light of my life!  My first pieces to my new collection, and a great little memento for our date weekend!


  1. OK guys I just saw you on another party and now these treasures on Common Ground!
    I love those shakers!!

  2. Love the shakers. Jadeite is so fun to collect. The color is wonderful!

  3. Those shakers are very adorable! xoxo, Tracie


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