Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wall Power

One of the things that's on the Master List for 2011 is to FINALLY decorate my walls.  Sonny and I have been living in our house for the past 6 years and still have yet to put decor on our walls.  I have something I like to call art-a-phobia.  I have a serious fear of hanging things on my walls for fear that I may not like it.  There's just something about screws and nails that seem so PERMANENT, even though I'm well aware that I can always change my mind or the arrangement of something.  I think it stemmed from college when I was so afraid to put anything on the walls for fear of not getting our rental deposit back.  I have to say, though, Sonny doesn't help when his idea of doing decor is do it once and it's done, even if it's not as good as we like it to be. He thinks because we painted our dining room walls 6 years ago that they don't ever have to be painted again....ever.  (sigh)  So to him...once things are on the walls...they don't move for 20 years.  So this just kind of re-enforces my committal issues when it comes to wall art.

Its really bad to the point that the boys STILL don't have anything on their nursery walls and Hunter is almost 3 and Jagger almost one.  I really want to make their rooms special...and even though they both have awesome paint jobs in their rooms...I need to personalize and jazz up the walls with some kind of art.

Well, little voice in my head (aka Heather) says "start making decisions and stop being indecisive!"  OK, little Heather, I will!  So of course I turn to my online resource Stores.  They have over 200 online stores that I can get anything from cookware (like my Rachel Ray bubble 'n brown casserole dish that I'm in love with) to bedding and other room decor, to what I'm looking for now....wall art and decor!

So I need to really buckle down this week and peruse CSN to find the perfect place to start my therapeutic recovery of art-a-phobia.  I think I'll focus on the entryway of my home, just because it's the first thing people see.  Then at least the first impression of my home will be a good one!

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