Friday, January 21, 2011

Rah Rah, sis boom bah!

It's craft time!  I'm doing my new years resolutions right by sticking to the "do more crafts" part.  I'm aiming for a craft a week, whether it be spray painting something, like my new little pet, or doing some scrapbooking, or whatever.  This week it was pom pom mania!!!  Hence the rah-rah-ing!! Ahhhh...brings me back to my cheerleading days....

So I had these old T-shirts laying around to be sold in our spring garage sale and I thought....maybe I can do some kind of craft with them! I found this totally cute pom-pom idea on this fabulously crafty girl's blog, Craftaholics Anonymous. It's totally cute and perfect for a little valentines day cheer.  I love love. Don't you? I've already bookmarked more of her tutorials....I love it! Here's the one for this particular project.

These shirts were from pregnancy and just after post now that I'm slowly but surely returning back to my old form (down 8 lbs since dec 17th yo's!) and plan on not birthing any more crazy people....I figured these could get cut up a little. 

My advice is to make sure your scissors are extremely sharp...and make sure you have a cute little bambino willing to keep you company while you craft.  He gnawed on some biscuits and sipped on some milk as he observed...

Here's my beginning pile of 3 shirts cut up, my two "C" circles, and my freshly sharpened scissors.  Being that little bambinos are not always still and content to sit for long periods of time, this pile sat like this for a good while.  But the project is perfect for multi-tasking moms as it's so easy to drop whenever needed and come back to.

Another tip.  When wrapping the fabric....pull those suckers tight.  As tight as possible....that's what gives the nice curly cue effect to the pom poms. The first one I thought I'd try and lay everything nice and flat and all I got were flat pom poms.  Not cute and fluffy at all.

For this step....DEF use scissors with a sharp point.  I ended up just doing a snip snip snip snip (I tried to demonstrate that in this pic) with just the tips and it worked so much better than trying to get your scissors between the "C's" to cut.

Trim those babies up....they need a good haircut and fluffing....

Then decide on where to put them....I tried the railing....but they just looked a little random...

So I thought I'd dress up my door a little.  I'm probably going to hang them on the door like Craftaholic did...frame and all cuz it's SO CUTE...but I need to nail a nail in first.  So for's just dressing up my knobs.

And BACH gets a little dressed up for Valentines too!  Awwwww.....I love him.

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