Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cleanse and Purge...

OK!  I told you I'd be back with a second post today of my day 5 organization project with A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I probably won't post EVERY project I do...just the ones I'm most impressed with.  And let me tell you....I was THOROUGHLY impressed with myself doing the linen closet today (here) and then doing the under sink cabinet in the kitchen.  These projects have really lit a fire under my *bleep* to get our house in order! I had no idea what a stinkin' unorganized basket case I had become until I started doing this!  Here's the heinous before picture.

Let's just all say it together...Oh...My...Gawd.  I know, right? How the hay did I ever operate with this???  You can see the bin on the left, which was my feeble attempt to organize the cleaning bottles.  This is what came out of just that.

Do you see the insanity?  Three, count 'em, THREE sponges for cleaning counters and stove top, 2 swiffer duster majiggers, and 2 heavy duty scrub brushes.  Such a waste of space and money!!!  And look at the bags that were gathered under the sink!  Three FULL bags!!  OF BAGS!!  Insanity.  This is deep stuff people...I'm truly letting you onto my dark hoarding secrets.

After emptying out the rest of the cabinet, I was left with this pile of junk here.  So crazy. 

Alot of this stuff could go in the garage, laundry room, or just plain get rid of!  There were a couple of almost empty bottles of cleaning supplies that I couldn't just toss, so for about 2 hours I got to work!!  Sonny and I want to switch over to green cleaning products (I'm kind of loving the Mrs. Meyers brand....and it's packaging.  Sue me for being a sucker for vintage inspired things) for the sake of our children and the earth.  But I felt that throwing away half empty bottle of cleaning solution was not a good idea either, so I took advantage of the nap times, that happened to fall at the same time today (SCORE!), and used every bit of those bottles for one last chemical clean in our house. I emptied FOUR of them!!  Woot!  So fresh and so clean, clean!!   

So here's my truly amazing after.  Gaze upon it's beauty and tell me you don't love it, I dare you.  Sonny's going to flip his little lid when he sees this tonight.

I would eventually love to put some baskets on the doors and line the bottom with contact paper...but I just don't have enough cash/money/ho's this month to do that.  Definitely going on the master list though!!  I feel so cleansed!!!


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