Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tinkle Tinkle Little SUPER Star!

As if the graduation to the big boy bed wasn't enough (yes, I just said "As If"... Maybe I want to be Cher Horowitz for the day and pretend that it's 1995...what?), we have begun potty training. Will is only 19 months old. I know what you're thinking (cough)overachiever(cough), but seriously, he's been telling us he needs to potty or poop randomly for a little over a month now.

The first was when I was out running an errand and Hubby was giving him a bath. He stood up mid-bath, and held his peepee. Hubby asked "Do you need to go potty?". Will nodded yes, so Hubby put him on the toilet, which is 6" from the tub, and Will proceeded to empty his bladder. When Hubby asked if he was done, Will proceeded to grunt and make his face turn red as he dropped a deuce too. When I got home, the conversation went something like this:
Hubby: You might need to sit down for this.
Me: What? What happened. Oh my god. What?
Hubby: Your son was in the bath and told me he needed to go pee. So I put him on the toilet and he peed.
Hubby: There's more.

Of course the word spread fast after I made a phone call to my mom and posted on Facebook... because who doesn't want to hear about my kid peeing and pooping in the toilet?!

Since that first miraculous incident, he has told my mom that he needed to pee, and has told me once or twice, and Hubby another time or two while in the bath. Might as well roll with it and start the process. Being diaper free (at least during the day) sounds glorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious! So why not?

Day 1 was a tad tough because Hubby wasn't quite on board with my method. Will ran around pant-less. Hubby is not a fan of messes, especially when it is preventable by, say... wearing pants, but I convinced him to roll with it. After talking to Lani (you can read about her adventures in potty training here and here) and a couple of other parents who's kids are potty training, the sans pants method seems to make sense. Kids pee in a diaper. They might know the sensation, but they've never seen what happens when they have that sensation to pee. After 3 fairly minor accidents (one on Hubby's favorite sweats, and 2 on the floor), and 3 HUGE successes, Hubby was glad he rolled with it.

Day 2 was similar and Day 3 was amazing! ZERO accidents on Day 3. Yep. I said ZERO.

Day 1 and 2 he was on the potty every 20 minutes. I asked, but regardless of his answer, he was on the toilet. He likes the seat that attaches to the real potty because he's my kid and if he's gonna learn, he's gonna learn on the real potty. Plus, it's less mess for mom and dad since we don't have to dump out and clean the little bucket thing. Ew.

Day 3 I started just asking him if he needed to go. Most of the time, the answer was "Mo....Mo.... Mo Mo" as he shook his head vigorously. When it was a yes, he would either nod his head yes, say "Ya", or start sauntering his naked toosh to the bathroom. If he didn't tell me "Mo" right away, we were off to the potty and it was a game. "OH! You need to potty?! Hurry! Hurry! Let's run and go real fast!"

Today is Day 4. I think this is what Lani was warning me about. After yesterday, I know Will knows what to do. But today, he is just...I don't know....lazy? We started off with a big pee accident in his underwear that I put him in while he eats breakfast. He peed in them after I got him out of his chair. Soaked. And since then, it's been catching him mid-stream while he's in the kitchen (Yay for easy clean up and boo that I thoroughly mopped the floor yesterday) or sitting on his designated blanket on the floor in the living room. It's frustrating because I know he knows what he's doing, he just won't do it.... but we will keep on keepin' on!

I think today I'm going to test my/our luck and have our first outing...It will be interesting, I'm sure.

Wish me luck!

Any potty training advice? What worked for you? I'd love the help and of course, encouragement! Sometimes it's amazing to think that we all were potty trained...kudos to our parents and our parents' parents for sticking with it!

P.S. How cute is Will in his little undies?! I love it!

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