Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fave: Stylish Baby Proofing

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Oh just what the dying-to-be-fabulous-again-and-working-so-hard-to-keep-her-house-from-not-looking-like-a-baby-tornado-just-came-through Momma asked for!  A baby proofing product that is stylish, functional, and easy for parents to use but difficult for kids to figure out!  (Sigh) Thank you Rhoost!

My kitchen has always been gated off so that I can have one space in the house that is MINE and untouched by little hands. just saved me the hassle of getting all those ugly white baby proofers for cabinets. little monkey figured out how to open the gate and now saunters in whenever he pleases....and has pretty much taken over my wonderful little sanctuary.  So I had to look for some cabinet closers as he looooves to take out my mixing bowls and pans and pretend like he's cooking something.  That's all fine and good...but we all know the dangers lurking under the sink (in the ways of cleaning supplies) and I'd rather not let his little hands get a hold of those bottles.  The only products I could find were these bright white, plastic, really unattractive things that just scream "BABY IS NOT ALLOWED HERE," which in turn....makes him try and get into it more. the good people at Rhoost sent a set of cabinet locks over in brown and a set of table corner covers in black for me to try out.  They are made of a rubber type material, but they are BPA free, phthalate-free, and 100% recyclable (bonus)!  I put on the cabinet locks toady and found them super easy to put on.  They have a hook and loop closure and are easy for grown ups to get on and off.  I also like them because they are small and portable so if I need to take them on vacation to lock up some bathroom or TV cabinets in the hotel, or at my parents house in Cali where baby proofing isn't the top thing on their list.  And the best part....for me the color...a nice brown that blends in FABULOUSLY with my wood cabinets!  Sonny didn't even notice that they were on until he tried to open the sink cabinet.  Wonderful! 

And yes....the most important thing is that the children CANNOT get into the cabinet.  Oh he tried, that little monkey...but success!  He had none!  Kind of in love with these right now, and my kitchen is tidy once again!

The corner covers look fantastic as well, but being that I don't have a coffee table or kitchen table with sharp edges, I plan to keep these for vacationing in hotel rooms. 

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I'm also kind of dying to now try their outlet covers....I think they are WAY cuter than my current Hunter knows how to pull them out.  Plus, you gotta love how they describe them on their site "Patented groove-key removal system means no more chipped fingernails."  Oh they truly are looking out for us aren't they?  Love it!

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In my current remodeling whirlwind, Rhoost found a way to make my life a little easier, my babies a little safer, all while living up to my standards of style that I'm trying to create.  Thank you!

Oh and look out for a future giveaway from Rhoost to make your home safe and stylish as well!

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