Monday, November 15, 2010

Refreshing for Fall

After all of the Halloween decor went back into their boxes, it was time for an overhaul (again!). It seems like now that we have a kid we are cleaning out closets, random spaces, and rooms constantly to reorganize, or just to make better use of the limited space we have for our existing stuff.

Halloween and Christmas are the two biggie holidays in our house, when it comes to decorations. Hubby gets Halloween and I'm all about Christmas. November and Thanksgiving get lost in the shuffle since we don't usually host Thanksgiving and because I'm not a gobble gobble turkey decorating kind of girl. So I'm trying to find some ways to make our living spaces feel more fall-ish for the holiday in-between.

Among my refreshing tasks, I took down the drapes in our living room and bedroom, and washed them. They were filthy and had been driving me crazy for a while. We got the Merete drapes from Ikea when we first moved into this condo. We had ZERO window coverings, and at $19.99 for two panels (which is unheard of. You're usually talking at least $30 for two panels, if you're super lucky), you can't go wrong! In Lani and I's DIY mode as of late, I have been thinking about adding a contrasting fabric band to the bottom of them. Well, that thought became a plan of action when I re-hung my fresh, clean, sparkling drapes and saw this:

I guess it is blatantly obvious that I did not wash these drapes before I hemmed them the first time. Yes, I know that this is was you're "supposed" to do, but in the interest of saving time, energy, and just being lazy, I didn't. So my drapes that were once nicely barely grazing the floor are now like high waters dangling freely above the baseboards. Now I'm on the hunt for fabric to put on the bottom. Enter DIY project that needs to be done before Christmas. I can't have people in my house when I have capri-drapes! After a jaunt to Joann's, these are the options I found:
Earlier this year, I painted the kitchen blue (check it out here). It was supposed to be slate blue, but turned out to be more of just a refreshing blue. It's very fresh and cheery. I like it. Since you can see the kitchen from the living room, I'm thinking I should probably tie in the blue. But greens are also our I'm torn. The birds were just too cute not to add them to the mix. If they don't end up on the drapes, I might have to make a pillow out of them. I think I'm leaning towards the one on the top right, or maybe the paisley on the bottom in the middle. What do you think? We definitely need some pattern going on in there. What I've got is so Plain Jane.

Along with my Monica Gellar cleaning spree, I took everything off my bookcase in the living room, dusted really well, and rearranged some things. Will was quite the duster...
Sadly, the toy mania on the lower half has to stay, since anything decorative I would put there would be quickly turned into a crash dummy for Will ram into a wall or drop onto other toys... Here's a close up of the top section:

You can see I got wild and crazy with the "fall" decor... two tiny pumpkins! Look out! I added more reds to warm it up with the red vases and red candle in the hurricane. Now I've been cruising around online to see what fun accessories I can rotate in after the holidays (or maybe before ... if I'm good, Santa can bring them!) Here's a little of what I found:
John-Paul Philipp
$29 -

Ceramic Owls | west elm
$9 -

I know... I'm totally drooling over all of these!

How do you incorporate fall decor into your home? Do you go Turkey wild or are you more subtle?

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  1. I love your little duster! and I am liking the more neatral and natural Thanksgiving...easy to add some green spring and red berries and go on it to Christmas. Love all your picks. Lezlee


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