Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pictures Make Me Happy

They do! Pictures make me happy! I have them throughout our house and it's an easy way to change up the look with a quick trip to the Costco Photo Center.

Will had this large empty wall in his room after we moved my desk and office things out of there, so I figured a nice photo collage would be a great way to fill the nakedness. I got the frames from Ikea a long time ago, and I just never got around to putting pictures in them and hanging them. Well, when Will and I were in New Jersey (yes... 5 months ago...I'm a little slow on posting this) he took it upon himself to finish all of my annoying half completed projects I had laying around. Yay! He was an integral part of helping me with the collage in our living room (check it out here), so I was sure he would do a great job on this one.

Hubby even mixed up the collage using some of the frames we already had on hand. Genius!

The center picture is one of those photo mosaics that my sister had made for Will's 1st birthday. I'm not sure where exactly she had it done, but this Design-A-Mosaic site looks pretty cool! You pick which photo you want as the main one, and then upload all of the photos you want in the mosaic, and it does all of the work for you! Awesome!

The rest of the pics are just some of our favorites from when he was a wee-tot. I'll have to switch a few out since he only gets funnier and cuter with age.

Will especially loves the collage because he knows those are pics of him. And Hubby and I love it because those are some of our favorite pics of Will when he was a baby. Hard to believe that was just a year ago... time flies!

What have you put up in your nursery or kids' rooms? Do you prefer artwork or the letters of their name?

Oh, and the hefty price tag for the frames and prints? Less than $50!

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  1. Love the photo collage! You totally inspired our living room! The mosaic of Will is super cute! I'm gonna have to create one for our parents one day!


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