Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not in the Tub!

I knew it would happen. It seems like it happens to everyone...

It began with a leisurely soak in the bath tub. Will was happily playing with his plethora of bath toys that range from cars and trucks to Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear (of course - We don't go anywhere without Buzz!). After playing, splashing, and squealing for 5-10 minutes, Will was sitting right in front of me, which his back to me. He started grunting, but I thought nothing of it because a) He's a boy...he grunts and growls and makes all kinds of weird noises, (b) He had already pooped a few times that day. So he continued to play for another minute and I look down...

What is ---

Is that?



I yank Will out of the tub, Hubby comes in and wraps Will up in a towel, all before Will can really grasp what's going on. He didn't get upset or anything, I think he was just puzzled as to why bath time came to a swift end!

I took the bowl we use to splash water on Will's head and scooped the poop into the toilet. I guess the good thing about our bathroom being teeny tiny is that I don't have to get up and carry Will's little floaters. I scoop and plop in one quick motion. Then out came the sponge and shower cleaner, followed by the bleach to let the toys soak in the tub.

Will got away with just a soak in the tub sans soap and scrubbing, but the tub was sparkling clean for the next evening's bath, that's for sure!

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