Thursday, October 7, 2010

Never take for granted an immobile child...

I feel like all I wanted to do with Hunter was for him to roll over, then to crawl, then to walk.  Move move move!  And with Jagger....I groaned when he rolled over at 2 months, double groaned when he rolled back at 3 months, and sounded like a wounded bear when he got up on all fours this morning.  NOOOOO!! Don't move!!  I love him to death and want him to be the strongest, fastest, smartest kid around.....but I forgot how glorious and freeing it is to go to the bathroom without having to worry about where your kid is going or what he's getting into.  So, so long freedom!  Goodbye long showers!  Time to set up the darn pack and play as a cage again.  Here's a little tribute to my baby Jagger and why immobility is priceless....never take it for granted moms....

{They'll fall asleep anywhere....even watching Glee}

{So easy to get a full frontal face shot during photo sessions}

{They can still fit in, and sleep in, carriers......glorious}

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  1. I AGREE! With the first one you are sooooo excited for progress, but with the second I say, "Wait! I can barely handle one that is mobile. If you can just stay cute and little for a bit longer." I think this is why the youngest are babied.


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