Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fave: Purging....

Clothes people!  Purging Clothes!  I decided that yesterday was the day to finally get rid of clothes that were holding me back!  I was tired of going into the closet and staring at the mound of crap and saying "what's going to make me look good, feel good, and not look like frumpy mama."  My clothes have always been a statement of how I'm feeling that day....and I was tired of feeling fat, tired, and ugly.  It's time I take back control of my body and show the world that I can be a pretty, fashionable, fabulous mama....again!!!  I should book a 3 am slot on TV for a motivational speaking spot, huh?  YEAH! this is what I walked into...

WHHHHAAATTTTT!!!!  Ugh...what a disaster.  I am proud to say that 2 garbage bags to donate, a box to mail to my sis, and a Rubbermaid bin full of summer clothes later.. really doesn't look that much different.  HAHA!  But let me tell you FEELS different.  I now walk in there and know that every single thing that's in there makes me look good and feel good!  I don't have to get depressed about jeans that don't fit (I chucked 'em....chucked 'em all), or sweaters that are too tight (gone!) or things that I wished looked better and maybe they'll look better the next time I try them on if I wish and pray hard enough (total wishful thinking and GONE!).  I tried hard to not have sentimental attachments to anything, utilizing pic messages to have Heather give me the final say on something I was on the fence about.  I highly recommend this as your friends have no emotional attachments to your stuff.  I even improved a few pieces in my this sweater.

It had this tie neck thing...but not really a good style tie-neck cuz those are in style now.  This was just like a scarfy weird thing and everytime I tried it on I would say "if only it didn't have this tie thing."  Really...that's the only thing that was holding me back from wearing a fabu sweater?  TAKE IT OFF!  The tie...not the sweater.  I snipped that thing good and now I have a great "new" sweater!!!

I have plans to revamped my awkward closet to a marvelous, organized, walk-in wonder...but that's for the future.  Right now, at least I know that the clothes that are in there are going to provide me with a boost of confidence everyday, and although I only have 2 pairs of jeans  right now, I see motivation in getting to buy a new pair when I loose weight, instead of working to fit into my old jeans and having those constant reminders of what I used to be.  I'm embracing what I am now....a frickin hot mama....and working towards a great goal of getting my first pair of designer jeans when I hit my first weight loss goal!  Wahoo!!!

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