Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fickle 10

...or maybe 15. I've been able to be pretty steady at the 149/150 lb mark. Ugh... not ideal, but not totally awful either. I expressed my love for these daily deal websites (here) and yesterday, Plum District had a deal I couldn't pass up. After 3 weeks of whining that I couldn't find time to go for a run on my own, and then it decided to get ungodly hot here in SoCal...I was annoyed with myself. $70 for a month's worth of Boot Camp at Total Training by Tammy. Regular price is $179. Hello Deal!

I discussed it with Hubby to make sure he was on board. In an ideal world, I would be gone and back from my boot camp before anyone was awake, but we all know how that goes... And he said if I thought I could get up that early, go ahead. Are you doubting me? He proceeded to say that he wouldn't be happy about paying money for something I wouldn't actually do. Oh no you diiiin't!

So I got out of be at 5:08am. Threw my workout clothes, that I lovingly laid out for myself last night, brushed my teeth, filled up a bottle of water and was out the door by 5:15am. I arrived at 5:30am, right on time. And I proceeded to get my butt kicked. And all the reasons why I hate working out came flooding back to me

1. I don't like to sweat.
2. I don't like to be out of breath. It probably stems from having bad asthma and having some scary asthma attacks when I was a kid... I like to breathe.
3. Running? Ugh... I'd rather be cooking or reading or doing anything else.
4. The day after soreness of death...

When I got home a smidge before 7am, Hubby and Will were just getting up. They just woke up and I had already been up for 2 hours. I got to take a peaceful shower since Hubby was home & didn't have to be at work for 2 hours. I even put lotion & makeup on! Lookout world! Then I proceeded to make breakfast for everyone, dessert for this evening (it's fruity, so it's not too bad), clean up the kitchen, run the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry... all before 9:30am! I could get used to this!

The instant gratification of being able to have a little more pep in my step, being able to accomplish a little more around the house before noon, and being able to shower quietly is all worth the 5am wake up call. Long term, hopefully my aches and pains will lessen, I'll shed a few pounds and/or inches, and gear up to start training for a 1/2 marathon. - Yes, I did just say I don't like running, but a 1/2 marathon is doable, I think. And again, if I'm paying for something, I will be motivated to do it because I will be pissed at the waste of money if I don't.

My goal is to shed these fickle 10 lbs by Christmas. That's more than realistic. I want to be able to pull out my skinny clothes out, not just the pre-preggo ones! I would love to go into 2011 with NO weight loss goals. Just a goal to maintain what I've got.

What are you doing to get and stay fit?
Do you have a favorite workout DVD?
Do you just hit the gym?
Any tips for marathon training?
I'd love to hear them! It's good motivation to know you're not the only one out there trying to get and stay fit and healthy!

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  1. First of all Congratulations! Taking the first step is always the hardest.
    I'm starting my own little tune up schedule starting with Weight Watchers. I can't afford the meetings but I have all the books so that's step #1. Step #2 - P90X. A friend of mine is letting me borrow her DVDs and I'm going to see what all the hype is about. Step #3 drink more water! Hopefully by Christmas I'll be down 10-15lbs and wearing my skinny clothes again.

    In the last year I completed 2 - 1/2 marathons and LOVE the training program available on Hal Higdons website. Here's the link:

    Just click on your level and there's a 12 week training guide all set and ready to go. (There's even a walking program - which is the one I did until I could jog/run more)

    Congratulations again!


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