Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arts & Crafts at 18 months

It's tough to find an arts and crafts project for an 18 month old.
- Painting is going to be messy and all over the walls, clothes, floor, table, etc.
- Crayons don't seem to keep his interest too terribly long. And after a few minutes they just go in the mouth...YUM!
- Play-Doh ... I'd have to make our own because that will definitely get eaten.
While at Target... ah...Good ol' Target... I ran across this handy dandy little bucket o' fun for $5. Large stickers that are easy enough for chubby little hands to grasp and stick on a large piece of construction paper.

Hubby & I helped by peeling the backing off of the stickers and handing them to Will, but he LOVED it! Pumpkins, ghosts, bats, Oh My!

Of course, a Halloween craft project would not be complete without a few candy corn to eat while you're crafting, and a celebratory snack afterward of Boo Berry cereal and chocolate milk!

The piece de resistance on my fridge!

The best part is how proud Will is of it. He grabbed Hubby by the hand this morning to show him his work of art on the fridge! And his Auntie came over this afternoon and he had to show her too! This is definitely the first of many art projects in our household. Yay!

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