Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weight Loss & Krispy Kreme

Seriously, I'm typing this post about wanting to lose weight as I'm eating a Krispy Kreme donut. Or two... at my kitchen table.

My excuse - yesterday was a holiday. On the way home from LAX, after dropping my parents off for their Hawaiian vacation (ugh...so jealous!), my sister and I decided donuts sounded really good. So we picked up a dozen and a half to share amongst the 3 of us... And the fresh 1 (or 2) we got to eat at the shop, still warm off of the conveyor belt, certainly don't count! Ha ha!

Lani and I have been talking about getting up early in the morning, while our Hubbys are still home to hang with the sleeping kids, and going for a run before our day of kids starts. Even though we are across the country from one another, we can at least offer support via phone and text to help hold each other accountable. We have both failed pretty miserably at this. (Sorry Lani, I'm calling both of us out.) My excuse - Will has been getting up anywhere from 5am to 6am...so when exactly am I supposed to get up to go run? 4:30am?! I. Don't. Think. So. Of course the last 2 days, Will has slept in till 7am or later. Today he got up at 7:40am! It's like Christmas came early!

I don't like working out in the evening, but considering my options and current chaotic morning, working out at 8:30pm after Will goes to bed, seems to be the only way I'm going to get a workout in. When I'm trying to lose weight, I am slow and steady. I make sure I get the eating part down first. After a few weeks of eating well, I'll add in the workouts. Baby steps. I'm all about the baby steps.

I'm down to 149lbs now. I've been able to wear my wedding band for a solid couple months, so at least I'm keeping those pounds off. Now it's time to lose that stubborn last 10-15lbs that won't budge. I want them gone by Christmas. And it seems the only way they are going to come off, is if I step up my game. Time to add in a real workout. Running after a 17month old at the park, or walking the 1/2 mile from the parking structure to Disneyland, just isn't quite cutting it, unless I went everyday.

There are 15.5 weeks until Christmas. Time to step it up and go into 2011 without a weight loss resolution. Are you in?

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