Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fave: Steals!

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There are a plethora of these websites dedicated to enticing us to buy their limited quantity products for a ridiculous steal. Here are a couple that are on my daily list: - All things Mama and baby related. - A member's only site that has GREAT prices on designer items of all categories - Home, Women's Clothing & Accessories, Kids, Baby, Men's stuff. To. Die. For. If only I had places to wear some of the gorgeous things on here. - Where you can steal a baby... ha ha! I kid, I kid... Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. - Because Will is quickly going from a baby to a kid. :( - I've really had to restrain myself this week...I only sole 1 thing from them...Ribbon! AH Glorious American Crafts ribbon! I have so many ideas for it's use, it's not even funny! Then the next day they had this whole set of robot paper and embellishments... Will was going to have a robot party. Or maybe be a robot for Halloween? Or someone needs robot thank you cards? I don't know, but the robots were so freakin' cute! I only got this ribbon though. And seriously, it's all of my colors. They also have a fab blog where you can get hoards of ideas from. My creative senses are tingling...Look out! 24 spools for $16! Nuts. The best you can maybe find is $1 a spool but you have to hunt through a bin and only the ugly stuff is left in there.

My favorite was when Hubby brought the mail in and handed me the package. "Hey, you go this package thing."
Me: OH! I bet it's my steal!!
Hubby: Your what?
I open the bag and wave it around like a lunatic. See?!
Hubby (in his most unimpressed voice): go ribbon...

Hey. When Momma's happy, everybody's happy!

What are you favorite steal sites? Is there one just for home decor that I don't know about? Please share!

Happy Friday! Have a great & a creative weekend!

***These are just our opinions. We don't get kick backs or bonuses or freebies from any of these companies. We just like to share our loves and likes to make you a little happier. :) ***

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