Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be Gone, Original Sin!

Yup...my little dude has rid himself of his original sin as of Sunday!  And boy did I throw a party!  It was actually pretty tiny (just the g-rents (in-laws), the aunt and uncle (in-laws) the god mama and god fada, and little old us!) but I wanted to make things really special for Jaggs so killed myself doing so.  Not only did I remodel the downstairs bath (post to come later!)...but I made all my own food and deserts and decorations.  It turned out pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I may be sick with a cold and dead tired...but it was worth it for my wee one....

This is what the buffet table ended up looking like.  I had a theme of blues and whites....I know, very unique for a little boy....but I didn't want to do a theme of crosses and such even though it was a religious occasion, so I kept it simple.  TA-DA!  Very cute and pretty.  All of the foods I made in finger-food fashion for the kids and kids in all of us!  Who doesn't love eating with their hands?

I made these poms for all over.  I got the instructions off of Martha Stewart...fairly easy and quite fun!  Megan (the god-mama) and I stayed up pretty late finishing them...but it really didn't take long.  Time flew by with the help of some good red wine!  The only thing that went wrong was that I couldn't figure out a good way to hang them.  We hung them with "invisible" thread and tape...but they kept falling down.  They stayed up for everyone to admire them....but some fell by the time desert was happening....boo. 

Another pic of the food table.  The sushi was not made myself...I just got a tray and arranged them on these outrageously adorable platters from Crate and Barrel.

Chicken Waldorf salad sammie on croissants and turkey and cheese on rye.  These went bye bye!

The fruit skewers were my favorite.  I've seen it done before on different shows and blogs...but I put them in cute little flower pots that I spray painted glossy white. So easy!  Then you just get the right size styrafoam ball and cut it in half to put in the pot to hold the skewers in place and VOILA!  Fruity, flowery skewers in pots! 

And finally my little "fail" cupcakes that turned out pretty good!  I just used Pillbury cream cheese icing in a tub that I colored a nice aqua color.  However...I didn't refridgerate the tub before hand so when i went to make nice, tall, swirlies....it kinda just went ppppplllleeehhhhhhh.  Very ganache like.  However...people thought I meant to do it so I played it off that I did and they commented on how cool it looked.  So...I win.  Oh and I just these just little "J's" out (using the Teardrop cartridgew on my Cricut) and put them on craft sticks to create a little topper for my cupcake tier.

A few messes....a few successes....and overall it was a good party! Happy Christening Jagger!

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